Hamza Ali Abbasi Message to Nation On Current Politicalchoas

Hamza Abbasi is the only celebrity who is well involved on political issues and is promptly updating about the current political chaos in Pakistan. Hamza Abbasi has immense fan following and millions of Facebook users look for his page for daily updates; Hamza runs his own page actively.

He has recently updated his status in which he expressed his views regarding the current political condition. Also explained the reason of why Pakistan must stand on and for this he will upload a video. Finally uploaded the video explaining what nation needs to do now.

Hamza Abbasi is in the favor of Imran Khan, he agrees that IK has taken the step for the betterment of Pakistan and is standing opposite the government as the votes were allegedly rigged in 2013 general elections. IK demands are totally democratic and are constitutional in bringing nations the rights they deserve.


He took a stand because he thinks that what happened in 2013 elections was wide of the mark. Imran Khan begged for 4 years to recount votes on 4 seats but government denied. So if he is protesting right now then why government is saying that this act will derail the democracy.

He further added that one should think like a Pakistani not a political worker of some party.

Hamza Abbasi, the only active participant in contributing his view to the current political chaos, Hamza is of the view that one should think like a pakistani not political worker of some party.

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