Hamid Latif Exclusive Interview with Fashion Central

Fashion Central invites its viewers to know Hamid Latif more intimately. He is a Pakistani Stylist who has made it in the American and Global Arenas, and, still strives to do deeds with great enthusiasm, seeking triumphs of high achievement through the platform of Vidal Sassoon.

Hamid Latif’s first interview was published by Fashion Central in 2009. A few days back, we got a chance to talk to Hamid Latif again. He was on a visit to Pakistan and we admire and appreciate his readiness to spare time for his Fashion Central viewers.

1. Your celebrity clients, can you name some?

The list of high powered clients is long indeed but I would love to mention names like Jullian Moore, Parker Posey, Chevy Chase, Nick Nulty and Priscilla Presley. I think it will also be in order to mention that I have done editorial work with Rani Mukerjee, Preity Zinta, Abhi Deol, Dipti Neol, Mehreen Syed, Zainab Qayum, Sunita Marshal, Tooba Siddiqqui and Resham.

2. Any shows that you did with your friends from Pakistan?

Me and Asimyar Tiwana have done lots of fashion shows in North America. Last year I did Celebrations in 2010 in New York with Asimyar Tiwana under the banner of QYT Events, featuring the latest collections of Umar Sayeed, Rani Emaan, Goal and others. Another one was DIL, Development of Literacy in Pakistan. This was held in Washington DC. I also feel very special to launch Umar Sayeed in USA.

3. Anything planned for near future?

I am planning to do a very special fashion show along with Asimyar Tiwana and QYT in New York which will reflect 60 years of Pakistan Cinema so that at some point our special blockbusters could be shown in the events like Sundance Festival.

4. Lets talk about the genius Vidal Sassoon, himself?

Vidal Sassoon is a legend, a genius and a guru. Eighty three years old now, he resides in California and his life story has been filmed in the documentary which can be viewed at VidalSassoonthe movie.com

To us he is sheer genius; its been a very very long way to come for a man who started off as a shampoo boy. From a humble beginning he built an empire out of saloons, schools and shampoos. His signature look has made women feel elevated and they have gone mad for his styles.

5. Any special products you use for hair treatment?

Our clients are special and we do not take any risk on this account. The products used are KERASTASE BAIN APRES – SOLIEL for anti photo degradation shampoo for color treated hair; For fine and vulnerable hair, KERASTASE VOLUME ACTIVE SPRAY is ideal and for very dry and dehydrated hair MOMO Shampoo and Conditioner by DAVINOS is just superb.

6. Lets talk about Human Resource Development at Vidal Sassoon?

Certainly Vidal Sasson is extraordinary in this regard. Courses are developed and designed to be contemporary, relevant and forward thinking and are delivered with passion, commitment and technical excellence.And what emerges is unique talent and able individuals.

7. Any plans for setting up an academy in Pakistan?

Yes, we are exploring Karachi as the first venue; in this part of the world, another option is India. I am working on this aspect with a lot of interest and support from Vidal Sassoon.

Fashion Central takes exclusive interview of stylist Hamid Latif to let viewers know how he works and what the driving force is behind his passion.

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