Fiza Ali Cries While Sharing Her Painful Divorced Relationship with Ex-Husband

Fiza Ali is a Pakistani model, host and actress, and dancer. She started her modeling career in 1999. In 2003, she started her acting career with the drama serial Mehndi. Notable programs in which she has appeared include Love Life Aur Lahore, Chunri, Woh Subah Kab Aayegi, and Mom.

Pakistani model and actress Fiza Ali has revealed that due to her divorce, there was no dispute over the issue of divorce.

According to the details, the actress recently participated in a private show where during the show the actress talked about her divorce for the first time at the question of the show host.  Fiza Ali said that she was living in Karachi before her marriage to Fawad Farooq, Lahore came with Fawad because he is a businessman.

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Model Fiza Ali said that she never had any quarrel with her ex-husband Fawad, nor did he ever abuse me or raise his hand against me but he is a social figure, he was fond of attending parties but the family I don’t belong there, Fawad wanted me not to give them time but to be social.

Fawad said was very fond of socializing and he wanted me to be social like him and talk about me (Fiza) in the circle of friends. Fawad believed that what I do is what he does. Everything is rubbish, I work for two cents. It was important for them to be social.

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According to the actress, there were some personal problems in our lives after which my family members decided that the atmosphere was not with Fawad. Yes, there was no quarrel over it and no atmosphere was spoiled.

Fiza Ali said that for the sake of her daughter, we are still in touch with each other. I go to Fawad’s house, but if there is any problem, I can call her outside and talk to her. It should be noted that Fiza Ali was married to Fawad Farooq in 2007 and they have a daughter.

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