‘Maalik’ Shall be Showing from Friday in Cinemas

The courts have rescued the Producers of the movie ‘Maalik’ which somehow was banned earlier on a petition filed by an interested one who thought the politicians and their followers will feel hurt as it brings them a bad name. Now that the ban has been lifted after a legal battle, this movie from Ashir Azeem efforts is energized and is set to release once again in Pakistan on Friday.

As a result of the placement of ban and the subsequent lifting of the ban an element of controversy has creeped in, and via all the intense interaction a buzz has been created making the movie goers curious. It is expected that the hype in the environment of the movie world will bring forth eager movie goers to the cinema houses to watch; Maalik’ and form their own opinion about the movie and the topic it focuses on.

Talking about quick release of the movie, so soon Ashir Azeem stated “I don’t have an option. I have to release it as soon as possible because they are probably going to challenge the decision again. I have to get the film out before the fiasco starts again".

Since the occasion is Eid,other films will be hitting the screens. And the prominent ones include Janaan, Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay and Actor in Law. Also on the screens will be two Bollywood productions Freaky Ali and Baar Baar Dekho. In the whole scenario, it is Maalik that will have a lively influence on the Eid Movies scuccess staus.

The other stakeholders, the exhibitors have their own expectations about the commercial aspects. One of the marketing associate at the cinema said that the film is definitely not in new release category. “It would have been better if the film had come a little earlier but we are going to accommodate it”, the marketing person said.

Talking about expected success of ‘Maalik’, he explained that at the time of its first release, the movie did not manage too much of a hype although the performance was decent enough. Now however, with sufficient hype already created, the rewards in terms of huge audiences could be more.

After getting unbanned recently, Ashir Azeem’s Maalik has picked up steam and is set to release once again in Pakistan on Friday September 9, 2016.

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