Oops! Adnan Siddiqui Pushed and Shaista Lodhi Fell On the Set of Jeeto Pakistan

Similar to past years, Jeeto Pakistan continues to have the most viewers this year, and acclaimed anchor Fahad Mustafa is still in charge of the program.
After Iftar, this show begins and runs live for around two to two and a half hours on television. This program stands out since it not only appeals to the general people but also draws well-known stars from Pakistani entertainment to take part in it.

Two teams fighting against one another were featured on the seventh special edition of Jeeto Pakistan during Ramadan, which was headed by Shaista Lodhi and Adnan Siddiqui, respectively. Nevertheless, during one of the phases, while both team leaders were jogging next to their competitors, an unforeseen accident happened.

Shaista Lodhi abruptly fell to the ground on stage with significant force, but she handled the shock brilliantly, kept her cool, and quickly stood up with Adnan Siddiqui’s help. A videotape of Shaista Lodhi was posted on certain social media sites shortly after the show’s conclusion.

Shaista Lodhi was seen in the viral video attending the event while wearing exquisite clothing and high heels. We’re all aware that wearing high heels can be problematic, and it’s possible that Shaista Lodhi’s unfavorable footwear contributed to her losing her balance and falling.

Please feel free to click on the linked link below to see a live video of Shaista Lodhi falling during Jeeto Pakistan.

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