9th Miss Pakistan World talks to Fashion Central and it’s viewers

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

  2. Well, I have graduated with a 2.1 in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University and I now work in a private hospital, running a rehabilitation ward for mentally ill women. I have also begun to dabble in modelling as it allows me to articulate my more artistic and creative side. I also LOVE sport and a good, old laugh! As a way of relaxing, I enjoy swimming and I am currently partaking in boxing. I enjoy travelling, meeting new people and socialising! Additionally, I adore spending time with family and close friends.

  3. How does it feel to be the 9th Miss Pakistan World?

    I feel very honoured to be the 9th Miss Pakistan World (I was actually crowned on the 9th of the 9th month). At the same time, it also feels surreal. The runners up were beautiful and intelligent people. I still have to pinch myself to remind me that I am Miss Pakistan 2011. I’m just very happy that the hard work and dedication has paid off.

  1. What are your future plans?

    Alongside the many exciting duties the Miss Pakistan World title will bring my way, I intend to enter international competitions and set a new bar for female achievement. My long term goal is actually to become a Clinical Psychologist but I am open to other opportunities that may fall my way.

  2. How do you think you can take this pageant to the next level?

    I intend to travel the world and change the mindsets of people one by one by conveying a true reflection of Pakistani heritage and not what the media portrays, in turn removing stereotypes.  By becoming a role model and being proactive, I aim to assist in as many charities as possible, including the mental health charity, which is something I am passionate about. Essentially, in terms of taking this pageant to the next level, not only will I meet expectations but exceed expectations by pushing down barriers and making history.

  3. Are there any plans of promoting Miss Pakistan in the UK, as you are the first girl to win from Europe?

    Yes, there definitely is! The plan is to do promotional work in London in order to create more awareness about the competition and opportunities available in being able to represent Pakistani women in a positive limelight. I have always been a confident, outspoken female standing up for my beliefs. Therefore, I may even look at promoting Miss Pakistan in other European and non-European countries too. Watch this space…  

  4. How was the Miss Pakistan World pageant experience?

    It was incredible, in the sense that after months of intense studying, working out, and other preparations, I met women from all over the world united for a common goal, to become the next Miss Pakistan World. Three days of intense hard work (which included dance rehearsals, working out, photo shoots, having minimal sleep, all while looking picture perfect) will discipline any person. Furthermore, an important moment that sticks out to me, stems from the self belief session we had by successful image consultant and motivational speakers, Nyla Hasan and David… who emphasised the importance of having in life a positive, powerful anchor you can use. By being a part of this beauty pageant, I gained an opportunity to discover my strengths and perfect them, realize my weaknesses and transform them into strengths. Consequently, (apart from winning Miss Pakistan world 2011), I won the title of Miss Congeniality 2011 (which the fellow contestants had to vote for) which is something I am very proud of. In essence, I met some wonderful people, for example to name a few, the dance choreographer; the judges and of course the lovely Mr and Miss Pakistan World contestants. 

  5. Mr. Pakistan World was included for the first time, how was that?

    It added a great dimension to the whole competition! I and the fellow Miss Pakistan contestants gelled with them all really well. All of them are such lovely guys who were a great source of entertainment to say the least! Especially, when it came to the dance rehearsals. I on a few occasions actually stood on their delicate toes with my 5 inch heels! Haha… Essentially, each one of the contestants would have represented Pakistan well in their own, unique way and it was really fun having the guys participate in the competition.

  6. What is your platform in case you will be promoting that?

    I am very excited to start my year as Miss Pakistan World 2011 and I hope to use this as a platform to create networking tools between Pakistani women in Europe and hopefully the rest of the world. I hope to work hard this year and work towards becoming a promoter for women’s rights. As an ambassador for my country, I hope to work with various charity organizations (which includes mental health charities), corporate sponsors, and the community to achieve these goals. Fundamentally, I intend to use this invaluable opportunity to make a positive difference and fulfil justice by reflecting on the slogan of ‘beauty with a purpose’.

  7. Pakistan needs more women like yourself to improve the image, how do you think as Pakistani you can overcome that?

I would like to give Pakistani women the confidence and motivation to push past the traditional stereotypes, which unfortunately are holding back the women in our society. Ever since I was young, I have come across people who have told me I don’t look Pakistani, and I don’t act Pakistani. How does one ‘act’ Pakistani? I have experienced people who I have met for the first time; state their expectations of Pakistani women are to be quiet, reserved and oppressed women. I quote: ‘Au contraire!’ And now is my chance to educate the world on exactly how determined and passionate we are and how if we set our mind on something, anything is achievable.

Essentially, my friend Indrani is the one of a few people who has had a positive influence on my life. A remarkable person with great integrity, I can always count on her to be candid with me. By example she has nurtured some important qualities in me such as self-confidence, appreciation and respect for others. Her faith in my abilities challenges me to dream and provides the encouragement for me to pursue and achieve my goals. I can only hope to be a great role model too and prove that Pakistani women can be strong, independent and still live within-the values ​​of her faith and culture.

9th Miss Pakistan World Exclusive interview with Fashion Central and it's viewers

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