How Can a Woman Over 50 Look Classy and Elegant?

During our lifetime, we spend a lot of time worrying about money, our family, the investments we have made buying SNDL stock, and how we look to others. Our appearances evolve over our lifetime to fit with what is in vogue and what looks good for each of us as an individual as well.

Women usually evolve their look more over time than men tend to do. Although men have begun to take more interest in their appearance. Women have always been more keyed into appearance and how to look a certain way.

When you’re over the age of 50, you might start struggling to find the right level of classy and elegant for your age. There are fewer mainstream examples in the fashion and style world that depict how women in their 50s dress.

Generally speaking, a lot of fashion magazines have fashion, makeup, and hairstyles that are worn by teens or twenty-year-old models. The magazines may be read by mostly older women, but they are using younger models to showcase fashion that might not be something completely complimentary toward an older woman in her 50s. So how does a woman in her 50s fix this problem?

Keeping Trendy With Some Things

Trends tend to be kind of a bad thing for older women to closely follow. Trends tend to be geared more toward younger people. Trends change around so much that it is difficult to keep up with them all. It can quickly result in an outdated look if you don’t consistently follow current trends.

It might be best to look for a trend or two that you want to follow, instead of following them all. Choose some that make sense for your personal style and adapt them to your look. Hair trends are an easy one to follow along with in your 50s. You can adapt a certain modern hairstyle and always have a classy and elegant look. If you smoke, it might be better to switch to vanity instead. This trend also allows for women to invest in the lucrative and thriving industry of vaping.

Read Magazines or Fashion Blogs Targeted Toward Older Women

As much as most fashion magazines and fashion blogs are aimed at twenty-something-year-old women, there are also magazines and blogs that are aimed at other age groups. The magazine Better After 50 is one example of a magazine for those over 50 looking for style recommendations for women over 50.

Pioneer Woman magazine, Real Simple, Advanced Style, and Women’s Health are some magazines to look at for older women. There are also numerous bloggers that create content aimed at older women. You can also look for vloggers as well are focused on helping older women find style examples that make them look classy and elegant. One blog website that might be helpful is Fashion Central. They have articles on all sorts of topics that interest women, including fashion and style advice for older women that might be looking for some advice and tips.

Follow Older Instagram Fashionistas

Following older Instagram fashionistas is another thing women over 50 can do. Instagram has a lot of people on it. There are more Instagram influencers that market things toward younger women, but there are also older women on the social media site that dedicate their Instagram to fashion and style for women over 50 or even older.

There are Instagram accounts dedicated to women in their 70s and 80s that want to live stylishly. These influencers for older women may be a bit tough to find at first glance since Instagram is mostly flooded with 20 something-year-old influencers. There is a number of them though if you do a search. Frankly, there is more of a style market for older women than younger women anyway, so it makes sense that there are numerous women over 50 Instagram accounts.

Women over 50 are actually the target of more fashion brands now since they generally are making more money than women in their 20s. They have the ability to spend more on things they like and enjoy compared to women in their 20s.

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