How To Grace Your Next Wedding Night Party


Now, you’ve been newly married and have said your I do’s to the love of your life. Now what is remaining is to grace your wedding party. You want to look amazing, outstanding, glamorous is an understatement! How do you go about ensuring that you meet your goal and still be the most memorable bride at your wedding party? How do you surprise your groom and have him yearning to steal you from the crowd for himself?

Exactly how do you get people to want to be you and have them stare the whole time at the party? Well, here are a few pointers that will help you achieve this. Explore the pointers.

1. Get a Bike Instead of a Car


Everyone is already used to brides coming in with big cars to impress people. How about you divert from the norm by showing up at your party with a good bike. Tyres lit with LED lights and all the attention will be on you. To achieve this, you need to work with Gindestar who supplies neon lighting for motorcycles.

If your party grounds have enough space, have your driver motorist, who may be your groom, approach the dance floor while you are on it. Let them do a few stunts to keep people entertained. Be sure to observe the safety guidelines to avoid grabbing the wrong attention at your wedding party. Believe me, that’s the last thing you want!

2. Pick a Nice Night Party Gown


An outstanding outfit will always be the talk of any party. Now, why would you want to pick a regular piece of clothing for your own wedding party? How will people distinguish between you and the rest of the bridal team?

This is your night! You are allowed to go wild with whatever outfit you want. Take your time to choose a dress you want, especially an evening gown, since they are designed to attract attention much quicker. Whether you are a lengthy dressing person or a short one, just be sure to pick the one that will be good enough to leave people turning their heads to look at you. It’s your thunder and you’re allowed to embrace it!

3. Wear Night Makeup


You do not want to come to your night party wearing the same makeup you did during the day no, do you? Invest in nice makeup, especially those that are easy to wear on any occasion. If you need to take it a notch higher, get glow in the dark makeup and ensure that your lighting is deemed as you enter the party ground. Now embrace the stare as people gasp at your makeup. Take your time, after all, it’s your day, right?

If you do not want to be extreme, you can simply have your makeup redone. This is essential since after all the sunshine hitting your face during the day, you need to make sure that your makeup does not appear cheese-like on your face, otherwise it’ll ruin your wedding pictures.

4. Involve Your Bridal Team in Your Plan


There is nothing as fun as watching people anticipating for the bride to walk into the party hall. You can make their anticipation worthwhile by using your bridal team as bait to enter the party grounds dressed as you, one by one. This creates the mystery of who is the real bride. Once everyone is in a confused mood, enter the party floor dressed totally different. It gives you the benefit of being both gorgeous and mysterious altogether.

5. Choose Good Music


The music you choose as your entrance song to your wedding party matters a lot. People will remember it and it reflects on you as a person. You want to choose music that will communicate both love and boldness at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a boring song altogether, just something that everyone can enjoy.

In such an event, you may want to choose a song that you love for your entrance, and that’s okay, however, switch the songs for the entire party into those that about two-thirds of your guest are comfortable with. It helps to keep people entertained, while you get to keep your guest numbers intact.

6. Entertain Your Guest


The most honourable part of being a bride is that you can shine with very little effort. If you are not good at dancing, then it’s fine, you do not need to struggle with this. However, you want to be able to do something for your guests as a token of appreciation for coming to your wedding and celebrating it with you.

If you are good at dancing, this is where you show your prowess. You can choose to dance a sexy seductive piece that will most certainly be remembered, or just go ahead to learn great moves that’ll leave your wedding being the talk of the town. Either way, choose how you will address this.

The Bottom Line

In most cases, weddings happen once in a lifetime. Wedding parties leave a mark in people’s minds and hearts, dispensing on how you went about it. Do not be afraid to explore the options given and even those that you have long dreamt about. By the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you deserve to grace it however you please. Best of luck!

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