A Guide to Setting Up Great Workspaces at Home

Working and learning from home are major adjustments that we have recently all been forced to adapt to. You probably never thought you would see the day your boss pleaded with you to stay home, did you? It does, however, come with its fair share of needs and challenges.

Amidst all the uncertainty of the times, work still demands to get done. Children, on the other hand, need to keep up with their learning too. You thus find yourself in need of workspaces in the home.

Read on for a Guide on how you can set up ideal work areas at home:

Designating Spaces

Unless you live alone, the movements and activities of others can be distracting as you try to work. Between e-learning classes and the playfulness of children, you would be lucky if you managed to get an email sent. For this reason, designating separate workspaces becomes a priority. Good work stations would be:

  • Adequately quiet
  • Properly lit
  • Within reach of a power outlet for charging devices

If you have an extra room in the house, you could opt to set up shop there and leave the living room for the kids. However, in the event that all rooms are taken, you can carve out an area for yourself using a room divider. Separating work and recreational spaces helps to give your schedule some structure as you operate between the two.

Depending on your house features, you might want to consider a balcony or a patio as options for office space. Getting some fresh air as you work is certainly not a bad idea. That said, if there is too much activity and noise outside, other options may suit you better.

Office Setup

One of the best things about creating a workspace in your home is creative freedom. You can make it your own and give yourself all the creature comforts you like. The amount of space available, your budget, and comfort may, however, influence your choice of setup.

The Desk

When you have enough room, it is easy to simply order any ordinary desk from a furniture store. However, if you are pressed for space it can be a bit tricky to find a desk that fits. Furthermore, in current times it is near impossible to roam around furniture stores to try and find what you need.

A great solution for such a dilemma would be a floating desk. It is an easy installation that you can put together by yourself and takes up little room. Given how minimalist it is, a floating desk is quite affordable. You could also opt to replicate it for your children.

For the storage of stationery and work documents, consider adding a drawer or two under the desktop. If you do, factor in their weight and be sure to set up a mount that supports them. You will also need slides for the drawers to be functional. Given as you will build the desk to your specification, consult drawer channel manufacturers to get custom slides that fit accurately.


If your office chair has always given you back pain you have a chance to find a better one for your home office. Long hours of sitting can wreak havoc on your back. Besides having a proper chair though occasional stretching breaks are recommended.

Adjust the desk-to-chair height ratio in accordance with your height. To get it just right, test for an appropriate chair and desk height before you mount or buy your desk. In addition, it is important that your seating is built in a shape that will provide you with lumbar support.

Neck strain can be caused by the height at which your computer sits on your desk. When it is placed too low your neck is constantly bent at an uncomfortable angle. Consider elevating your device to a more comfortable degree. Innovations such as foldable laptop tables can be a useful addition.

Study Nooks

With schools out of session, if you have children, the classroom has shifted to your home. E-learning seems to be the only way for kids to get through their school year. Having a study nook for them is just as important as the workspace you build for yourself.

Younger children tend to need more supervision and assistance with setting up their devices and so on. In light of this, shared spaces like the living room can be ideal for their study area. A small set up in a corner would be sufficient.

Teenagers are territorial about their space and more independent. Consider bedside desks for them and some storage space for their books as well as.

Devices and Connectivity

A good workspace is well-equipped and functional. However, every household has access to different resources. Your budget will play a part in what kind and how many devices you can have.

If you have limited devices, consider a sharing roster. It would entail sharing the devices that are in the home in shifts. For example, if one child has morning classes, the others can read until their own classes are on. You could also compromise and have less expensive devices such as tablets to use in lieu of full-on computers.

Internet safety applications and parental controls are highly essential for all devices used by children.


The ‘new normal’ and ‘unprecedented times’ are both phrases that are used too often lately. Except, there is hardly a more apt description of what the world is facing. We are all just trying to stay safe and be productive at the same time.

Setting up a home office now may seem reactionary but it is necessary. Think of it as a long term investment, you will still have a great space even when normalcy returns. Until then, enjoy your own version of a corner office.

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