3 Ways Essay Writing Can Improve Your Imagination

Do you consider your imagination good or bad? Often, adults are sure that their imagination is not so bad, but they might not have much of one at all! Comparing themselves with children who are full with imagination, and seeing the creative output of gifted people, they sadly state that coming up with something extraordinary is just a difficult task.

Is it possible to rectify the situation and develop your imagination? Let’s figure it out!

Do we need a good imagination?

The first question you should answer is: “Do you really think that this topic is important to you? Why do you need a good imagination?” It would seem that one can live well without imagination!

Not everyone needs to be creators, and not everyone needs to write books, invent something new, and move technological progress. It is possible to live using other people’s ideas, other people’s inventions and the creative outputs. It is quite possible to live according to a well-established scheme, according to an algorithm and instructions invented by someone else.

The main thing is that boredom and routine don’t take over. Also, it is important to not face emergency situations that require non-trivial solutions. After all, then, in order to solve the problem, you will have to look for a way out and use your imagination!

By the way, essay writing can help to improve your imagination. When you don’t buy essays on services like WritingCheap, but write them yourself, you will boost your imagination. Think about how your life would change if you had always seen dozens of options and new solutions. What if hundreds of original ideas appeared in your head and your imagination was fluid and natural? Would your life be the same as it is now?

Here is the task for you: imagine what would happen if you had a great, sparkling imagination. Please continue the sentence: “I have a great imagination and I …” Don’t stop – consider different areas of life. How will they change? Got it? Now, let’s find out how to improve your imagination using essay writing.

Method 1. How can I write an essay in a different way?

Imagination, like any other muscle or mental process, can be trained. To teach the brain to see different solutions, each time you need to write an essay, ask yourself: “How can I do that in a different way?” This action will bring greater awareness and creativity into your daily life. Do not stop your imagination. Let it offer you the most absurd ideas! For example, you can write an essay on behalf of a dog, or write a paper describing the nose of a loved one.

Method 2. For the time of writing essay, remove criticism

It is important when you start writing an essay to turn off internal criticism. You must allow the appearance of the most absurd and unrealized ideas. Let them appear freely. Do not beat yourself with thoughts like, “Well, this is complete nonsense!” or “This is unreal!” Allow yourself to fantasize freely.
Then, when you finish writing, you will be able to look at it critically. But during the writing process, criticism should become taboo!

Method 3. Use the methods of creative thinking

In order to rock your creative imagination and remove the inertia of thinking, it would be nice to own at least a few techniques of creative thinking in essay writing. Let’s look at a few tricks that are convenient to use in essay writing.

1. Association is a naturally occurring connection between individual events, facts, objects, or phenomena reflected in the mind and fixed in memory. For example, if you need to write an essay about autumn, you should get the image of yellow leaves or rain, and describe them in your paper.
2. Random object method is used to create a new image based on a completely random selection of objects. Let’s say you come up with two objects like a lamp and a watermelon. Avoid direct analogies. There is no need to write about a lamp in the shape of a watermelon. You can take some other qualities from a watermelon, such as the fact that it has seeds inside. And then write about how a lamp with seeds inside would look. What kind of seeds are these?
3. Transfer method is similar to the previous one. However, it is not the transfer of the object itself, but certain qualities. Continuing the idea with a lamp and a watermelon, you should make a list of the qualities of a watermelon: round, striped, juicy, sugary, good in its season, healthy for the body, heavy, bursting from ripeness, etc. Now write about how this can be manifested in the lamp. You may discover original options that you could not even think of.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. We wish you success in boosting your imagination. Be a dreamer!

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