How To Find The Best Hair Salons In Colorado Springs

People always associate sporting a new hairstyle or getting a new haircut, especially if it’s too short, to drastic life changes. Be it a heartache, job changes, or a lost loved one, a new ‘do’ signifies a new beginning.

If this is true in your case, there’s no better way of moving on than being in Colorado Springs, CO. With its vast natural landmarks and elevated paradise like the Royal Gorge Bridge, you can shout your heartaches out or whatever you’re going through and carry on.
However, your hairstyle also symbolizes your personality more than anything. But whatever your reason is, looking for the best salon to do the honors will be your first order of business. In Colorado Springs, you might not even have a hard time looking for one if you know what to do.

Ask for Referrals or Recommendations

If you’ve been seeing your friend or a relative sporting a very nice haircut every now and then, you can ask who did it. It could be some places that you haven’t discovered yet.
Even strangers you meet anywhere can be a good source. Randomly talking to or complimenting someone with an awesome hairdo on the street or in a gathering can produce a new salon discovery. They’ll surely be more than glad to share a pleasant experience, along with the contact details of the hairdresser.

Look in Fashion Magazines

Most salons would show you catalogs of hairstyles to choose from or magazines to read while waiting for your turn. Especially fashion magazines can give you an idea of where to look when trying to discover the best hair salons in Colorado Springs.

Flip on these pages as most of the features have credits below the photos. The name of the model, the makeup artist, the stylist, and who did the hairstyle are there. If you liked what you saw, contact that hairstylist by all means.

Research Online

Since everything can be searched on the internet nowadays, using your best friend Google to find the top salons in the area is not a bad idea. Using keywords like hair salon Colorado Springs is one way to go.

It’s also one way to check on the reviews of the most popular salons in town or the ones that

appeared on the search results. Experiences may vary, so not all comments you see online are accurate. Weighing the pros and cons will still be your best protection in finding the best place that will take care of your crowning glory.

Try a Short Consultation First

Perhaps one of the best ways to know if the salon would be right for you is to test the water first. Book for a short appointment and be there 5-10 minutes in advance. This way, you can observe them in action while you wait.

How do they treat their patrons? Do they satisfy customer requests? How is the place’s ambiance? Do you feel comfortable? The answer to these questions will undoubtedly help you decide whether it’s the best salon you’ve ever been in.

Characteristics of a Good Salon

When you think that you have already found a good salon, don’t settle just yet. There are a few more tests to see whether it can live up to its reputation. Please consider the following guidelines.

  • The Receptionist is Fantastic

Part of being a good salon involves being good at customer relations. There’s a reason why receptionists are in the front line of the business. Do they call to remind you of your appointment a day or two ahead? Are they very pleasant and accommodating on the phone?

They can make the first impression so good that clients will want to proceed with the booking just because they were made to feel very important. But they can also break the deal by being less than accommodating.

  • Hairdressers Suggesting Excellent Ideas

Observe the hairdresser if they are suggesting hairstyle ideas while also nicely asking your preferences. This way, you’ll know if they want to give you the best service or just going through the motion.

They can suggest new ideas or even the not-so-new ones, but you haven’t tried yet. With a little bit of brainstorming, you both might discover a hairstyle or hair color that will be best be suited for you.

  • Feeling Good During and After

Nothing can be able to tell you more about whether the salon is good for you or not than experiencing the actual service yourself. This will be the make or break situation more than anything.

Sometimes, it’s not having the best hairstyle or haircut that matters most to customers. It’s about having the best experience and feeling at your best after getting the service that matters.

Parting Words

What may be best for others might not be the same way for you and vice versa. However, others’ suggestions will always be a better starting point than shooting in the dark.

Also, don’t be fooled by the stereotypes about prices. Not all expensive salons give excellent service in the same way that cheap salons aren’t always mediocre. At the end of the day, looking for the best salon is never an exact science but a matter of personal preference.

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