High and Tight Haircuts for Men

The high and tight hairstyles are the most appropriate hairstyle for men with short hair. The fact that these haircuts are easy to style and maintain makes them quite popular among men who like low maintenance haircuts. These hairstyles feature completely shaved parts with a clear fade. There is also a comparatively long length of hair at the crown.

The key to rocking these hairstyles is choosing the right haircut according to your face shape. The haircuts are currently trending, having incorporated modern twists and cuts, thanks to continuous research by barbers on how to improve these haircuts. Here are trendiest high and tight haircuts you can flaunt matching your face shape. Take a peek.

1. High and Tight Shortest.

Probably one of the most fashionable and charming high and tight haircut we have right now. It is not only a masculine style but also on-trend. The hair is trimmed short as far as the barber can give it a look that is entirely shaved. A standard deviation from the military hairstyles.

2. The High and Tight With Cool Beard.

This is the greatest comeback hairstyle with a little twist. It features short hair at the top and faded sides that join the line of the beard. This is the haircut you cannot go wrong with this year. It is stylish and charming.

3. The Hipster Haircut of the Mainstream.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular hairstyles for guys this year. It is an ideal haircut for the guys who would want to go for cute edges. The haircut can be rocked by all men, regardless of their ages.

4. High and Tight Red.

This haircut is a unique one among haircuts. It proves that you can rock a high and tight hairstyle without a fade and still rock. The longest manes are the quaff, while the rest of the areas are shaved clean.

5. Haircut for Receding Hairline.

This is the best haircut for the guys with a receding hairline. The haircut has shaved sides that hide the receding hairline and gives it a trendy look. What a great way to rock your looks for both casual and formal events.

6. Very Short High and Tight.

In this classic haircut, the manes at the back and the sides are clipped to a short length. The manes on the crown are maintained longer for approximately five to ten mm in length. This is a subtle variation of the original military haircuts.

7. High And Tight Caesar Inspired.

This Caesar inspired haircut has undergone a lot of transformation to be what it is right now. It remains of the trendiest haircut even in the 21st century. The haircut is contemporary as well is refined.

8. Asymmetrical High and Tight Hairstyle.

Here is another variation of a military haircut only that in this haircut, the styling is asymmetrical. The hair is trimmed at the crown in different lengths. However, the hair on the sides is entirely faded and end up joining with the beard line.

9. High Tight and Bangs.

It is one of the most astounding ways of styling a military haircut. This is possible because of the endless possibilities you have with the high and tight haircut. As such, you can create a haircut that is masculine and trendy at the same time. While the hair on the sides is clipped to a shorter length, the relatively extended hair on the crown is swept to the sides.

10. Brushed Back Short Manes And Side Fade.

This is an innovative way of rocking haircut. In this style, the manes on the crown can either be slicked to back or parted and then the sides faded to the area around the ears.

11. Dramatic and Chic High and Tight.

This haircut has come far through the evolution of men’s haircuts, from the conventional military hairstyle to the modern look. It just incorporates a minor twist from the conventional ones.

12. Jarhead Haircut and Extra Flair.

This could be said to be a marine haircut, but it is also appropriate for the military. The hairstyle features an added flair. It is one of the special haircuts that is also very versatile.

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