Sana Javed Shares the Struggle of Playing a Rape Survivor

Sana Javed is a Pakistani actress.Her favourite Fan is Ahmad shezad. Sana played the leading role of Sanam Ali Khan alongside Feroze Khan in Blockbuster series Khaani. She also made her film debut with the socio-comedy film Mehrunisa V Lub U opposite Danish Taimoor in 2017.

After back to back impact ful dramas like Cheekh, Surkh Chandni, Meri Guriya amid others, the most-watched entertainment channel of the country, ARY Digital has brought Ruswai for its spectators around the world.

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Apart from the impact audiences had, watching the powerful and immensely flamboyant acting of all thespians present in the drama, the lead protagonist, Sana Javed aka Sameera also shared her experience shooting for this particular scene.

She wrote, “I take pride in giving or attempting to give a 100% to my characters for each scene.” She went on to mention this particular scene took more than that. “It entailed dying inside a million times and more which will still be less than the actual victims of abuse,” she continued.

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