7 Benefits of Clubbing Electricity and Natural Gas Bills

Clubbing or combining your electricity and natural gas services from one retailer is a way to not only get better pricing, but it can also give you other benefits you may not have considered. Below are seven benefits that bundling your services can provide both immediately, and on into the future.

1 – Take Advantage of Retail Options

Not every resident in the Alberta area is able to participate in retailer options with natural gas and electrical services. You should always explore the benefits and lower pricing options you have if you live in an area with access to retailer services. Every dollar you can save is one better spent in another area of life or can be added to your savings strategy.

2 – Enjoy Promotional Pricing

Most retailers will offer financial incentives to make bundling your electrical and natural gas services together. You can be offered lower rates, free months of service, or other discounts, depending on the plans and contract terms. How nice would it be to have a month where you have a zero balance on your electricity or gas bill? Investigate what offers are available to suit your home electricity and gas needs.

3 – Get Freebies and Promotional Items

Incentives to get customers to bundle services aren’t always a matter of giving you a discounted rate. You can also earn freebies like Amazon gift cards and other promotional items for signing up with a bundled plan. The terms to receive the free gifts will vary and you need to fully investigate before letting it be the deciding factor. It normally requires you to pay for the bundled service for a specified amount of time before earning the free items. It can still be a nice little perk if you planning to bundle your services anyway.

4 – Predictable and Stable Rates for Both Services

Signing a contract to receive your electricity and natural gas at a fixed rate gives you a predictable bill each month that never varies from the agreed-upon amount. The electricity rates in Calgary, CA can fluctuate, depending on weather, demand, and other factors. The same is true for the pricing of natural gas. Bundling the services allow you the opportunity to lock in a great rate that won’t skyrocket higher if market prices suddenly rise. It’s an important factor for those trying to stay within a defined budget.

5 – Become a Valued Member Helping Bring Better Rates for Services

The only way retailers can bring you lower rates for electricity and natural gas is by having the customer base it takes to purchase good deals on the market and lock in great pricing. You can become a valued member in this initiative by contracting your services through a retailer and bundling them for the best overall savings. The energy provider makes its money by having a wide customer base, rather than trying to overprice the services. You get a fair deal for the pricing at the time. You may not be able to partake in any sudden drops in price on the market, but you’ll always have protection from the inevitable rise.

6 – Reduced Hassles Using One Company for Two Services

Making changes to your account, moving, and other important matters are easier to manage when you get your electricity and natural gas from the same retailer. It gives you a less complicated way to monitor your service use and manage your household utility expenses. You can easily compare your use of each service and make critical decisions in purchasing and replacing appliances that wear out.

7 – Convenient One-Bill Payments

Some retailers offering service bundles with electricity and natural gas send separate bills for each one. Others prefer to send the bill in one invoice. The single invoice option makes it simpler to make your payments. You’ll have one less bill to keep track of each month. Every tool you can have at your access can help you better manage a busy household.

Find out more about electricity and natural gas service bundling today. Call the experts at Direct Energy and find out how to get services started right away.

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