Every Woman is phenomenal #Letwomenbe

We can easily list some very inspiring  examples  of  women  in  Pakistan  who  have  stood  up and made a difference, Women like Senator Khush bakht Shujaat, Oxford University Press Pakistan Managing Director Ameena Saiyid  who  has  also  received  sitara-e-Imtiaz  for her contribution in the mainstream economy, she was also the first woman in Pakistan to head a multinational company, and economic development activist Roshaneh Zafar, working in the field of women’s economic empowerment. She set up the first specialized microfinance organization in Pakistan, the Kashf Foundation.

edenrobe WOMAN celebrates  not just these well-known  women, whom  we  recognize  through  their wonderful  and  crucial  role  in  the  society, but all the women  of  Pakistan, who  are  special  in their  own way, the challenges they face in their everyday life, edenrobe WOMAN through this DVC, applaud all the women of substance who are breaking typecasts and doing away with prevailing taboo’s in the society.

It believes that it is important that woman and girls are provided with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decision-making processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.

The DVC produced by edenrobe WOMAN with the trending Hashtag #letwomenbe is being appraised by all opinion leaders and influencers from all walks of life as not just only the video but a thought-provoking  initiative  that  brings  forward  the  idea  of  a  woman  being  individuals  with  their  own strong identity with liberty to do as they want and what they want.

Recognizing the contribution of women in all  spheres  and  careers  edenrobe WOMAN new  collection launched  on  9th of  March  of  unstitched  apparel  that  covers  over  113  having  the  charismatic, alluring and vivacious Sana Javed as the face of the collection that represents the independent woman of today with an appropriate name #Letwomenbe

The collection letwomenbe is symbolic to the reflection to the over-all idea being projected in through the edenrobe  WOMAN  campaign highlights the important role a  woman plays in our lives and rejoices it with energetic colors, stunning designs and amazing fabric feel, so woman adorning an edenrobe WOMAN  feels as special as exceptional she is.

It is understood, tested and proven through multiple situations that no society can develop wholly without women being actively there at the helm of all affairs, without women being actively part of all major institutions be it family, education or any profession out there, woman’s role is the epitome.

Enhancing the participation of women in mainstream development would mean  providing greater opportunities and accessibility for them to make decisions, to manage their own resources and to be self-reliant.

An effective mechanism should be institutionalized to enable the women in decision making at all levels, as the edenrobe WOMAN campaign in its  #letwomenbe strongly ascertains  that “success is not gender oriented”, it can be achieved by anyone who works hard to earn it.

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