Meesha Shafi Has Started A Healthy Debate On Modesty

The 8th of March is the ‘International Women’s Day’ and is a day to recognize women as the strong individuals they are, and it is also a day to raise awareness on what we can do to make the world a more equal place. On this occasion, a lot of Pakistani celebrities have taken to social media to send across their messages.

Among those people is Meesha Shafi, who tweeted about the importance of today’s ‘Aurat March’.

Last year Meesha Shafi became the flagbearer of women’s rights and the #MeToo movement in Pakistan after she went public with her allegations against Ali Zafar. The singer still faces a lot of online hate to this day, but it’s not like that deters her.

Since most of us know what trolls say to Meesha, I’m going to skip those replies and get to the point.

One Twitter user replied to Meesha’s tweet with this image.

Meesha Shafi took this tweet in particular and asked her followers to discuss the claims being made in it.

The comments under this post weren’t as I had expected. I had anticipated trolls to have descended on this, shredding it to pieces, but what I found was that there was a very healthy discussion happening under the photo.

It’s great to see women openly interact, question and debate posts like this, and also leading the discussion on the matter. In an age where there is such a large mass of information on the internet, we forget to question the validity and accuracy of things, and this is especially dangerous if people use religion or religious figures as a way to further their arguments. It is this culture of questioning and debate that will help us move forward and clear our heads of some of the ideas that are currently holding us back.

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