Side Effects Of Skin Whitening Injections Used By Our Celebrities

These days there are so many kind of capsules and injection are available in market which can change your skin color from dark to bright or from whitish to fair and from dull to fresh. These injections can give you a look you want or society want . Today we will discuss how media publicize these injections among common man and now every person who can afford these injection want to look white like egg . Our so many actor who proudly reveal in their interviews that they have use skin whitening injection are making them more popular , because people get inspiration from public figures .

1 A normal person can afford these injections worth of 8000 . But unfortunately in our country there is no check and balance so compounder turn doctors sells injection with cheap quality , which have side effects too like they can cause Hepatitis B & C.

This is a course of 4 to 6 months and a patient has to visit doctor on regular basis . if his treatment gets long so the price of injections will increase according to tenure of course. The biggest dilemma of these injections is they can damage your liver and kidney . If you use these injection for long terms so be prepare for reactions like liver and kidney disease.

These injection are given slowly through intravenous route. Results start showing after 4 to 6 weeks of use which stay for considerable period of time. One to two weekly injections are given for 3 months. Number of total injections varies from 12 to 20 depending upon body weight & colour. For mantainence one injection glutathione after every 3 months or glutathione pills needed to be used. Risk of infection at site of injection due to untrained beauticians.

You can become victim of serious skin allergies. your body has to fight with allergies after having these injections .

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