Hania Aamir Accused of Misbehaving During PHJ Promotions

These days, everybody has their eyes on our very famous 21-year-old actress, Hania Amir. Being the lead actress in the upcoming movie ‘Parwaz hai Junoon‘, this actress is busy in the movie promotions with her cast. Well, after tweeting an incident of being sexually harassed by a group of men disguised as fans during promotions, the actress received a lot of support. However, tables turned when a group of bloggers accused Hania of being rude and showing unprofessional behavior. A group of bloggers organized a meet and greet session with the cast of Parwaz Hai Junoon, and this is when the entire incident took place! She was accused to be misbehaving with the team of bloggers and the waiters who were serving while the interview was going on.

Well, all the bloggers are requesting for boycott of Hania Amir, and people are really angry with her misbehaving with the waiters. That is sad and so wrong, because even if you are a celebrity it doesn’t give one any right to behave with other humans, impolitely.

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