People on Social Media Have the Meanest Things to Say About This Picture of Natasha Hussain With Her Husband

We know how anything on the internet can become the hot topic of discussion for no particular reason. The irony is, we don’t waste a single moment to judge the other person and when others do the same, we are again, the first one to judge them for judging someone else!

The pictures from the star-studded party, hosted by HSY, are all over the internet now. Many celebrities attended this grand gathering and among them was the famous super model, Natasha Hussain.

Natasha was spotted at HSY Party along with her husband and we must say, she still slays!

The super model, considered as the hottest of her time, hasn’t aged at all and looks as gorgeous as before. She was seen with her husband in this party and both make a good looking and a happy couple!

But the internet is a cruel place! People on social media didn’t let this picture slip away that easily and it picture went viral for the meanest reason ever!

Let’s start!

Apart from all the mean things, Natasha and her husband make a perfect couple and they have a beautiful family as well!

Have a look at this adorable family picture!

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