Exhibition 2015: Exclusive Designs of Zil Jewelry & Accessories Presenting by Fashion Central

Zil Jewelry AccessoriesTo witness the best Jewelry Collection with unique concepts “Zil Jewelry & accessories” collections will be on showcase for consecutive 2 days 29th and 30th of August 2015 at Fashion Central Multi Brand Store 7-Z Block, 1st Floor Commercial Zone DHA, Lahore

Inspirations/ Design & Manufacturing

My inspirations comes from the traditional motifs, colors and textures to the diverse genre of contemporary themes_ From urban lifestyle to the beautiful landscapes the diverse ethnic cities within multi cultures and styles undoubtedly portray in each manufactured pieces_ I believe that every client is prestigious with its own aesthetics and preferences whereas our designs, rare natural materials & finishing address the uniqueness of the creations_ I design manual and CAD both to meet the needs of the modern age with mininnalistic and timeless approach_ Colored manual renders as well as Matrix CAD assistance facilitate my clients to decide multi possibilities and precise assessment for what they exactly believed to be made in real.

zil jewelry


Zil Jewelry & accessories in cooperates mixed materials_ From Copper, Silver, Gold, Palladium embellished with precious and semi precious stones mined mostly from Pakistan, India and Thailand speaks through its brilliance and colors_ Also manufacture certified diamond jewelry_”I create a narrative around each stone therefore I love to design around raw form of stones, avoide to make facets/cuts if it’s unnecessary and even after eight years in profession my clients never challenge my decision to play with elegance through experiments & new techniques

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