Farhad Humayun Signed By British Brand Durham

Farhad Humayun PicsFarhad Humayun, frontman of Overload, has officially signed an endorsement deal with the prestigious British company, Liberty Drums, for a period of three years. Liberty Drums is building custom drums on specifications given by Farhad, in a combination of the highest quality woods from the world.

The sound of each drum will be engineered to suit the style of music of the iconic drummer. The ‘finish’ of the drum set is being designed by Farhad in collaboration with the owner/engineer of the company, Andrew Street who builds his own drums by hand.

The set will also bear Farhad’s name on each drum, uniquely customizing the instrument for the drummer in recognition of his art & popularity & his ssociation with the company. In his 22 year career, as a drummer/singer/producer, Farhad has played, over 1500 concerts, in Japan, India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Spain, France, Norway & throughout Pakistan. Liberty Drums will supply Farhad with his drums in any country where he plays, in concert or studio, in future. 

Farhad Humayun Photos

Being the first Asian artist to endorse Liberty Drums, Farhad said, “It’s an honour when your hard work is recognized and rewarded. I am absolutely thrilled to be a Liberty Drum artist. I’ve played almost all brands of drums in the world but I’ve been looking for a drum that sounds like ME – A sound of drums that translates all the emotions I feel while playing music, and I’ve found that in Liberty. I also feel that the large companies make products that are standardized but working with Liberty, I can hear so much character in the drums and Andrew’s craftsmanship is just immaculate”.

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