Top Female Shaving Myths Every Girl Should Know

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Have you heard grandparents asking you not to study or watch television in a dim light? Your parents telling you to sleep for 8 hours, Mothers asking their children to cover their heads if it’s wet, and its cold outside, similar questions raise when it comes to superstitions or myths, that whether they are true or just misconceptions?

Do they actually have any scientific background or it’s just like a historic proverb, that once it was said and it will remain the same for years. Likewise, there are myths formed about shaving, we’ll look in to this matter that what scientific reasons exist behind such myths about female shaving, whether they are true or is it a tactic of beauticians to bring more customers to their so called beauty parlors.

1. The Hair Grows Thicker than Before


Most of the women are actually shocked to hear if any other women shave, because according to them the hair will definitely grow back thicker after shaving. if we see the matter logically, then there is  no such technique in shaving that can make the hair thicker than before. this is because of the fact that when you shave with a razor, it only removes the dead portion of the hair that stick out of the skin, and the live hair are still inside your skin.

This is why, when the hair regrows, it is of the same thickness as before. But, the regrowth is actually said to be thicker because hair comes out in smaller size. This means they feel sharp like small nubs. Hence, when you allow those hair to grow properly, it can be clearly seen that they are still of the same size and thickness. Similar is the case with darker hair, the newly grown hair are dark because they are not exposed to the atmospheric conditions, and therefore are freshly black.

2. The Skin becomes Darker


This is another myth that wherever you shave continuously, the skin becomes dull and dark. This is because of the fact, that many people in a hurry do a razor on their dry skin. Which is absolutely unsafe as your skin needs the support of being moisturized when you shave. Shaving should be the last thing to do when you enter a shower, because this will make the hair softer and easy to shave. Therefore, whenever you shave, make sure that you also moisturize your skin afterwards; else the skin is going to be dull and dry.

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3. Waxing is Better than Shaving


Most of the women want to have no hair at all, for which they opt for laser treatments whereas; many of them cannot afford expensive treatments for permanent hair removal. Therefore, they choose to wax. Waxing actually helps to remove hair completely with time. Or it helps to reduce hair growth, because of the trauma our skin undergoes, along with that waxing removes hair from the roots whereas; shaving only removes the visible part of the hair. Therefore, men opt for shaving on the face because they want the hair to grow back properly.

However, another amazing fact about shaving is that it gives an immediate glow to the skin which is freshly shaved. As, many of the experts say that they use a technique in permanent removal of hair which is similar to shaving, likewise the models opt for shaving their facial hair, because they are impressed with the glowing skin after shave.

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4. Razors are Dangerous to Use


Everything in life has a method to use. If you will use it wrongly, it will definitely harm you else it won’t. Similar is the case with shaving with a razor. When you apply razor to your skin with great pressure and effort, this will result in a cut that may bleed, and this is not a good way to shave.

The blades used in a razor are quite sharp, therefore apply it calmly in a particular direction and remain safe from cuts and bleeding. as, these cuts can be very dangerous, specifically if you are using an old razor then this can cause an infection due to the bacteria traveling deep in to the cut although, new razors will not cause severe cuts or damage to your skin. Thus, ensure that you are using a new razor as it doesn’t cost much to spend on it.

In the end, it’s completely your decision to shave, wax, or remove the hair completely via lasers. But, this misconception should be deleted from the minds of various people on the Globe that shaving causes so many problems. if that was the case, then the women who shave their legs would be similar to Gorillas today, or men who shave would appear like hairy bears.

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