Insane (But True) Things about Honeymoon

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Hey all..!! Hope you are doing best…!! Um sure of that as for the discussion topic, I will be discussing about the honeymoon delights! Yes!! You must be wondering that I have gone NUTS..! Off course not, it’s the season dude … winters and the warmth of being togetherness, hence I decided to bring very good and funky ideas … Hey for those who have their weddings ahead must have planned a various stuff that they would be doing in the honeymoon period.

Lemme tell you I met a friend of mine over the weekend and we all had a great laughter therapy discussing the facts that each couple faces.

So we were all sitting together and planning (more like plotting) to make a memorable honeymoon period for my friend who has her wedding in April next year!! *blushes** … lemeh not get serious with my naught talk and jot down the points for you to have great ideas for your memorable time …. Follow the evilness to make the best moments memorable..!!

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The MILK Effects

Yes… We have seen the milk being given to the groom over the wedding … and the brides sisters getting the money after the “Shugal” but the stuff that you all do not know what happens after this when the couple have the first night together the groom is given hot milk to drink … now this is really funny concept but true as well. It is considered that the groom needs a lot of energies to overcome the hesitation at first night, hence they both have a glass of milk and another myth that prevails is that the love between the two increases and they get in deeper bond … anyhow for us!! No charm of having milk as we sleep after that … poor us!

Face to Face … like Eye to Eye

At this point you guys must be thinking of a infamous song “Eye to Eye”  but let’s not gets into too much details here… the first glance… now this is one of the challenging times for the couple as both of them faces confusion, the bride gets nervous and so does the groom. And what if they both are horrifying for each other ahead… but the elders say that the bride gets “Roop” on her face that attracts the guy to look at her with love. For this one can freshen up the looks before the groom looks at her … make sure you apply lipstick gives a very idealistic sense of love to the groom!


Perfumes and the Suskiness

Ash… by suskiness I mean to say the sexiness … the groom thinks that applying extra perfume will help him to get to the bride … its true… to some extent as the girls are attracted by the perfume of the guy… but make sure you do not apply so much that it creates adverse effect … the all charm lays being gentle.

So I tried my ideas to be depicted in as decent manner as I can … I am sure that a lot of you must be now running of the ideas for the honeymoon preparations. For more you can also think over the pranks like installing the disturbing alarm for the couple… Knocking at the door at the mid night and much more.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the fun tips. So what you are waiting for, go ahead and make your special night, Memorable and Sexy like a hell.

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