Health Risks Pertaining Trendy Wardrobes

health risks trendy wardrobes

There are new trends that are coming up by each passing day. Fashion is one of the most wanted and the hardest hit industries of all times. With each passing day there are lots of trends coming up in this industry. From the apparels, shoes and the handbags to every single bit like mobile covers are now taken as the fashion symbol. There are new cuts that are introduced each day by various designers. All are liked by the target market, depending upon the taste the end user has for the specific design.

With these positive trends and the acceptance in this industry, there are the cons of this industry. We are unaware of the risk factors that are affecting our health. One should avoid such fashion that is harmful to the health.

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Naming few of the trends that do create an obsolete with the human health are as follows:

  1. Wearing a heavy necklace:

bridal Necklace

Necklaces are one of the much liked jewelry item among the fashion brats. There are many designs of the necklaces that are appealing. Different materials are used in the necklaces that give them a heavy look. Having a necklace with an elegant look is something that one should wear, but a necklace those weights more than the normal due to the engraved stones is not good to wear. It causes pain in the neck, hence weakening the vertebrae of the neck. It causes spinal aches and it may also give the minor sprain in the neck. Although stones are eye catching and classy but on the other hand, wearing, heavy stone necklaces are harmful to the neck.

  1. Heels above 5 inches:

women High Heel

Heels are also much liked item among the female genders. It is true that heels are elegant and gives a lady a very graceful look. Wearing heels of different shapes and sizes does matter. Not only in the appearance has prospective but also as comfort leveled. High heels, if uncomfortable can cause a lot of issues that affect your health.

Like wearing high heels above 5 inches and walking like you are wearing flats is not a good idea. It does affect your health badly. Twisting of the foot might occur due to high heels that may lead to the hospitalization. It may cause minor fracture, with the minor negligence. One should always be careful wearing high heels as it may lead to serious sprain.

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  1. Carrying handbags:

ladies Handbag

Carrying hand bags on the shoulder is another style statement for the ladies. Even with the gents they carry handbags like of laptops on their one shoulder. That is, you are shifting all the pressure on one should. This might affect the collar bone and may cause the bad ache. Hence, you should avoid taking the heavy handbags on the shoulders as does affect the human health. One can always take the light weight handbags.

Nowadays there are bags having crocodile leather. Stones and gems are engraved on them that give them a very classy look, but on the other hand it is bad for the human health. In the case you get a minor strain on the shoulder leading toward the neck, you should rush to the doctor before any serious condition takes place.

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