Characteristics of Healthy Relationships


What you like or know about your partner must tell you so much.

If you can say YES to most of the followings, it is very likely that you are in a healthy and happy relationship:

  • You can name your partner’s closest friend and spot a positive characteristic that the being has.
  • You think your beloved partner has excellent ideas.
  • Your partner and you are playful with each other.
  • You would like to be more like your partner, in some manners at least.
  • Even when you oppose, you can recognize your partner makes sane points.
  • When you are not physically together, you both think about each other.
  • You see your beloved as trustworthy and reliable.
  • In relationship relevant areas like attractiveness and warmth, you see your partner a bit more positively than they see themselves or than other people see them.
  • You really enjoy the manners your partner has grown or changed since you met.
  • Your beloved is excited when something goes exact for you.
  • You say anything positive before you say anything negative when you are together at the end of the day.
  • You talk about all the positive experiences you have had mutually in the past.
  • You are able to name any of your partner’s much loved books.
  • You are aware with your beloved aspirations in life.
  • You can remember the thing you did together that was challenging and new for both of you.
  • You both kiss and Hug every day.

healthy relationship

  • You have an exclusive “love language” (some special signs or pet names that you give each other).
  • You know your loves most awkward moment from childhood.
  • You know your beloved’s most proud moment from childhood.
  • You can list some positive personality qualities your beloved inherited from their parents.
  • If you have children together, you can list some positive personality qualities your partner has passed on to your children.
  • When you argue, you still have a sense that your beloved cares and respects your opinions and feelings.
  • You have a sense of safety: You are confident that your partner would not be disloyal or ever do something to endanger your mutual financial security.
  • You express admiration for each other frequently.
  • You feel a sense of being teammates with your beloved.
  • You express appreciation frequently for each other.
  • You contain a sense that your strengths set off each other.
  • You know your beloved’s most favorite songs.
  • If you have told your beloved about the disturbance you have experienced, they have reacted kindheartedly.
  • When you say GOODBYE in the morning, it is affectionate and mindful.


  • You do not refuse to talk about topics that significant to your partner.
  • You have so much fun together.
  • You respect your partner’s other relations with friends or family, and see them as important part of life.
  • You view your partner’s weaknesses and flaws in precise rather than general manners.
  • You are physically affectionate with your partner.
  • You are amenable to being influenced by your partner; you will consider and try their suggestions.
  • You love spending time together.
  • You feel a zing when you deem about how you met your partner for the first time.
  • You can name your love’s much loved childhood pet.
  • You can name your love’s much loved relative.
  • You can eloquent what your beloved sees as the recipe for pleasure.
  • You contain a sense that it is easy to obtain your partner’s attention if you have got something significant to say.
  • If you could only take one person to an isolated island, you would definitely take your partner with you.
  • You like to explore your partner’s body.
  • When you feel upset or stressed, you turn toward your partner for comfort and soothe, rather than turning away from your partner and endeavoring to deal with it yourself.
  • You can name your beloved’s much loved food.
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