Best Duain to Recite in Ramadan Karim

dua in ramadan

Dua is one of the most integral parts of a Muslim’s life and as the month of Ramadan arrives we increase the recitation of prayers and dua in the month. This is done in order to achieve Allah’s will and to make the most out of the blessings of Ramadan Karim. There are certain duas which are meant especially for this particular month or are supposed to be recited during the fast and they are the iftar and sehri dua.

Durud sharif is one of the most recited and important duain of the blessed month of Ramadan Karim. It is one of those duruds which is not only recited just in the month of Ramadan but all year round, all day long, recitation of this beautiful durud helps acquire the person who recites it many blessings. It I also said that recitation of durud sharif helps make all your wishes and prayers come true provided you recite durud sharif before and after the designated dua.

salat ul tasbeeh

Salah-tul-tasbih is another excellent way of making the most of the Ramadan Karim month and it is one of those ibadah which is quite extensive as one declares the ALLAH Almighty to be the ultimate supreme power in the whole universe while reciting this particular kind of namaz. One cannot entirely call salah-tul-tabih as a dua but it is for sure one of the biggest ways of achieving blessing and Allah’s will in the auspicious month of Ramadan Karim.

Seeking refuge with Allah and asking him for mercy in the month of Ramadan Karim is a great chance for us. One of the most recited duain in this month regarding this very aspect of a Muslim Rozadar’s life is “Allahuma Ajirni minan Naar”. It has to be recited seven times before and after Fajar and Maghreb prayers. The person who recites this dua in the month of Ramadan is said to be safe from the fire of hell.

darood sharif

All these above mentioned duain are excellent to recite in the holy month of Ramadan and telling others about these beautiful duas and ways of praying and worship is regarded as sadqa-e-jariya which is termed to be a sadqa that remains forever. Make sure you indulge yourself in activities which are miles away from sins and keep in mind that Ramadan is a month of eternal blessings which not only remain with you in this life but in the hereafter as well. Recite duain as much as you can, offer daily prayers along with nawafil and tarawih which are also a very good part of the whole package of Ramadan.

Following the religious aspect, do not forget the health aspect of Ramadan and focus on your health as well. Monitor good eating habits and do not make Ramadan a way of dieting. Eat and drink healthy. As the weather is extremely hot make sure you are not doing any rigorous activities and spend that time reciting the Holy Quran and other duas. Make praying and integral and foremost activity of the month of Ramadan Karim but do not forget that praying is not just confined to this month of Ramadan Karim only. Make daily prayers and duain a part of your everyday life and tell your friends and family to do the same.

In the end, we wish you and your entire family a very healthy, happy and prosperous Ramadan Karim.

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