Latest mehendi Designs in Asia


Asia is occupied by many races and religions but somehow some aspects of culture are really well-known in this part of the continent. The vast variety of various cultures that reside here is extraordinary. It is something that gives Asia its charm. Amongst the various spectacular things that are present here , the application of mehndi on festivals like Eid, weddings and parties is one such trend here that beats everything.

It is something that I believe adds not only color to the hand but also color to the festival. Many tourists look forward to the application of Henna on their hands while visiting Asia. According to them it gives them a treat.

 Asia is not only famous for the application of henna on hands but also famous for its different and innovative mehndi designs that people from all over the world admire and look forward to. The variety of latest Mehndi designs in Asia is found nowhere but here only.

According to people in this continent, Mehndi is one of the most imperative parts of a woman’s apparel. It doesn’t matter if the women lives in Pakistan, India or Arabia, mehndi counts as an obligation for every special occasion. Be it Eid in the Arabia, Dussehra in India or a wedding occasion in Pakistan, the talk of the day is always different mehndi designs art. Girls and women of all ages look for the best designs and patterns that would make them look the best.

One of my favorite trends is to go on Chand raat that is the night before eid and get some mehndi designs on my hands. It is a trend that adds color to the eid festival.


Not only that but all Asian and Arabic girls mostly search the net for some latest mehandi design in Asia to keep themselves updated and try out new ways of decorating their hands by the application of henna.

Although there was a time when even simple mehndi designs on hands looked ideal. Women would simply color their hands with Henna with no design. Many women would just go and get their hands painted with just plain mehndi. With time things have changed and people now look forward to more ground-breaking and extravagant designs when it comes to application of Mehndi on even simple occasions.

However with the passage of time and mechanization of everything, things have even ameliorated a lot and changes are even seen in mehndi patterns. They are more elaborated and more precise than ever before. And on the top of that, girls and women of all ages look for the patterns that are latest, new and unlike anything. Because, every woman wants to look different, it is very important that they wear attractive 2014 mehndi designs that are nothing less than perfect.

The latest Mehndis designs in Asia are really impressive and creative. The artists have put in a great deal of ideas to make these designs look more attractive to the women. A lot of people prefer mehndi design patterns like Arabic mehndi designs. These are one of my favorite. It consists of big abstracts coupled with flowers of a different kind. The best thing about Arabic mehndi designs is the fact that they leave spaces in between.


This does not make the hand look over loaded with Henna. Since overloaded design pattern usually corresponds to a bridal look. Therefore Arabic mehndi designs are amazing that way .The use the technique less is more.

Also available are some Indian mehndi designs and mehndi applied in different colors is a new thing and really in fashion.

All mehndi designs are famous and intricate as per their traditional value and for the occasion you are wearing it for.

Make sure you pick your mehndi design well before applying it on your hands. Here are some designs that will make you understand the beauty of the latest mehndi designs in Asia.

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