Celebrations & Final Elimination in Pakistan Idol

Pakistan Idol PicsPakistan Idol “Jo Hai Dil ki Awaaz” is in to the final week to get their first ever Idol. Sunday’s episode started off with a melodious performance by Philip and then the 44th birthday celebrations of the legendary pop star Ali Azmat. The aura on the set soon got grim as Mohib Mirza called the contestants to announce the results. After Mohib’s nail-biting revelation, it was every girl’s heartthrob, Syed Ali Asad Zaidi who bid a bitter-sweet farewell from Pakistan Idol. 

And the first Pakistan Idol is…

Ali Azmat BirthdayIt’s not too long until we’ll get to hear this line because the day of the finale of Pakistan Idol is just one episode away. The fact that the show is coming to an end and we will have the first Pakistan Idol in matter of days now is, enough to well-up emotions through every cell of the body.

Pakistan Idol PhotosLast Friday the top 3 contestant namely, Ali Asad Zaidi, Zamad Baig and Muhammad Shoiab performed two rounds at the best of their abilities. This week the theme was Bhangra and Classical respectively. In order to judge the boys performing Bhangara, Pakistan Idol’s stage was graced by Pakistan’s Bhangara king Abrar-ul-Haq. But that was not all, the illustrious Pop/Classical group Fuzon also made an appearance in the latter half of the episode to guide and perform with the contestants themselves.

Abrar ul HaqWhile Ali Asad Zaidi received rave responses from the judges for both of his performances, Ali Azmat felt that now that only 3 contestants are left, the judging criteria has gotten microscopic. Which is why, he felt that Ali Asad’s movements on stage looked a bit hesitant as opposed to his perfectly balanced song. Bushra Ansari, on the other hand, got into the rhythm of the song and did a couple of moves with Ali Asad on stage, clearly enjoying herself at the fullest.

Pakistan Idol SingersWhen Muhammad Shoaib came up on stage, it felt as if the stage has been struck with 100 watt electricity. Shoaib’s performance not only had a perfect balance of surr and tal, but he also got Hadiqa Kiyani dancing to his energetic performance. This native of Khyber Paktunkhwa also received a miniature-fighter jet plane from Hadiqa to attack his fellow contestants!

Last but not the least it was Zamad Baig who mesmerized the audiences sitting there and at home by his performances. Even though everyone knows Sufi/qawali songs are Zamad’scomfort zones, he stepped up his game and gave brilliant performances for Bhangara and Classic genre songs. He not only received overwhelming response from the audiences and the judges, but he also received a standing ovation from the judges. The guests, Abrar-ul-Haq and Fuzon also performed their hit singles and made the episode better than it already was.

But like always, the Sunday elimination episode was dreaded by viewers as well as the contestants. Coming this far into the competition, the passion to win the title has become the strongest and none of the boys want to leave the show at this point. While the friendship bond between them has gotten stronger, their ability to uptake challenges week after week and performing at their fullest has also become more fervent.

Pakistan Idol GalleryAli, had come a long way into the competition with his rock-star look and charismatic performances. He was a versatile singer, who loved listening to Amanat Ali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kishore, Mohammad Rafi and Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Queen. He was the only guy in the completion who had a grave interest in rock music, which was often reflected from the high-pitched tunes he liked to sing. Ali had his eyes set on the price and heart set on singing the best of songs, which is probably why Hadiqa Kiani gave him a danger bell, but unfortunately the bell could not ring any further in the competition.

Now only two finalists, Zamad Baig and Muhammad Shoiab remain in the competition to battle it out for the title with their voices. The Grand Finale of Pakistan’s biggest reality show will be aired on 25th March 2014, only on Geo TV where only one of the two will be crowned as the first Pakistan Idol!

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