A personal tribute by a Pakistani filmmaker to Nazia Hassan, South Asia’s 1st Pop Music Legend on her 13th Death Anniversay

'IMAGINEER Official Music Video Poster

‘IMAGINEER’ an experimental music film based on the magic of Nazia Hasan’s music – Imagined & Directed by Faraz Waqar

“Nazia Hasan  literally gave birth to the pop music industry of Pakistan & the sub-continent. It seems the field of music chose her for itself, not the other way around.” says Faraz Waqar the Director of  ‘Imagineer’ – A Music film Tribute to Nazia Hasan on her 13th Death Anniversary that is to be presented for release this August 2013 to all music TV channels  in Pakistan. “In Pakistan we have never learned to give our legends the importance or the honour they deserve. This tribute in the form of an experimental and unusual music video based on the magic of Nazia Hassan’s own music is my personal tribute to her on her 13th Death Anniversary.”  says Faraz. “Do you know the first music videos ever made in the sub-continent were for Nazia Hasan’s songs?”.
The new Pakistani filmmaker Faraz Waqar has Produced & Directed the music film as a tribute to Nazia Hasan which has been shot entirely in the United Arab Emirates and involves an international team of models, actors, cinematographers & editors from India, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Nigeria, Palestine and Kazakhstan.  Faraz Waqar hopes that fans of Nazia Hasan’s music as well as her family & friends will appreciate this personal tribute to the magic of her evergreen music.

Director Faraz Waqar on setFaraz Waqar is a new Pakistani filmmaker, a graduate of the New York Film Academy, whose short film ‘9:11 am’ in the year 2012 was one of the only two films from Pakistan that were presented  for their world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in France.  ‘9:11 am’ was also presented later the same year in Pakistan at the Gandhara Film Festival in Karachi and at the South Asian Film Festival (MOSAIC) in Canada. His achievement received extensive coverage in press & TV media in Pakistan.

“Through my latest new experimental music film ‘Imagineer’ dedicated to Nazia Hasan, I want to highlight what Nazia Hassan did for our music industry and for Pakistan.” says Faraz. “She was not just a singer who sang beautiful evergreen songs that none of us have been able to forget. I realized Nazia’s achievements as a music legend when I moved outside Pakistan and met with her international fans especially those from India. I wish one day I am able to make a feature film that is based entirely on her songs” says the young Director.

“Nazia Hasan changed film and pop music trends across the sub-continent forever. She was the first Pakistani pop singer Directer Faraz Waqar with cast & crew of 'Imagineer'to contribute music to a Bollywood film. She started this Pakistani pop music and Bollywood film partnership that continues to this day. Her music is still being used in new films like ‘Student of year’ by Directors like Karan Johar. Nazia broke all records in music history with her debut album ‘Disco Deewane’ that became the best selling Asian pop album of all time worldwide uptil that date”.  says the enthusiastic Director. “She was the first Pakistani winner and the youngest winner ever in the history of India’s prestigious Filmfare Awards when she won the award for ‘Best Playback singer – female’ when she was only 15 years old. Did you know ‘India Today’ magazine voted Nazia Hasan as one of the top 50 people who changed the face of Modern India in the 1980s?” asks Faraz

Faraz was congratulated internationally by the management of the New York Film Academy both in the Middle East and in the United States in the year 2012 for his film ‘9:11 am’. His achievement was highlighted on Social Media channels by the New York Film Academy in both the UAE and the US.

Faraz Waqar considers the Pakistani Director of the films ‘Khuda key liye’ and ‘Bol’, ShoaibMansoor as his main inspiration. “Reviving the film industry in my own country and making films addressing the various social and political issues facing the Middle East & South Asia has always been my goal,” says Faraz.

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