Colors for this Autumn and Winter

In this exclusive article for Fashion Central, top designers from across the country tell us what colors they feel are in vogue for the upcoming Autumn-Winter.  Listen to some of the country’s most influential fashion voices share their views on the colors they recommend for the end of the year!

Aisha Alam

“I think the upcoming Autumn-Winter is going to be all about rich and deep colours such as a deep deep purple, a rich burgundy, a burnt gold and a nice rustic orange. I am going more for drapery and cut and less for embellishments, embroidery and bead work.  My collection is all about depth, flavor and of course a lot of drama.”
Ayesha Khurram
“For me, the upcoming Autumn-Winter is about playing it down and making a statement. My collection is all about vivid and vibrant colors and patterns, used to create simple and minimal designs.”

Uzma Hai
“The upcoming season is a time to bring some deep color into your wardrobe: for me, Autumn is a time to add some drama in your clothes, so I am a big believer in opting for flairs and volume and drapes for Autumn.”

Madiha Ibrar
“Autumn Winter is all about bling! So I believe in going all out this upcoming season one should opt for clothes that are embellished and intricately embellished. The look and feel for the upcoming season is grandeur as far as I am concerned.”

Sehyr Anis
“Straight, clean cut silhouettes, lots of bling especially sequins in bronze, dull silvers and dull gold. The dominant colors shall be deep violets, mustards and ink blues.”

Hina Butt
“I believe in using a lot of blacks, greys and deep colors in my Autumn Winter collection! My collection is based on color contrasts and works on merging white and black, grey and pink and other such contrasting colors. My collection for the end of the year is based on the use of high necks, princess sleeves and a lot of drapery.”

Najia Anis
“Autumn winter is close to the months of festivities therefore long chunky strings, necklaces and pendants are all time favorites to embellish the outfits. Heavy bracelets along with cocktail rings set with precious and semi precious stones.”

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