The Joy of Ramadan

The Joy of RamadanWith Ramadan being the most religious time of the year, we learn to come together with family and friends to celebrate and learn from the past year. The month of fasting brings us spiritual reflection and charity to the less fortunate. We sit down with a few fashion designers to catch up on their lives during Ramadan and their prospect on Eid.

Ayesha Khurram; fashion designer known for bringing vibrant prints to the masses.

“A typical day during Ramzan is taking the kids out to a few activities since they get so bored at home. I end up getting them ready for iftar and getting their meals ready. My perfect meal for iftar is something light such as fruit, I’m not into heavy and oily foods so much but I do make them for the family since they enjoy it a lot. A typical iftar meal at home is with samosas, chaat and sandwiches. Once Eid comes around I always look forward to the shopping for new outfits for everyone and giving out Eidi to the kids. Some of my favorite family traditions include our reunion on Eid, we spend it by going to my parent’s house and everyone gathers there. It’s a lot of fun seeing family and friends so I look forward to that the most. “

Saadia Mirza; fashion designer synonymous with her label is known for sophistication and elegant designs.

For Ramzan my work timings change a lot, working all morning and then I get pretty lazy when iftar comes near. I look forward to Ramzan every year because I feel that it’s the one time that we get closer to our family and religion. My perfect iftar meal is filled with chaat, samosas and fruit chaat, I love the typical Pakistani meal it’s not truly Ramzan without it! Before Eid I try to get all of my shopping done because of the hectic rush that is found in stores once Eid comes near. With the family, I always try to take out the most time from my work schedule especially during Ramzan because it feels good to be around family.

The Joy of RamadanAmber Chughtai; the founder of Cranberry, the latest designer who has taken over the fashion world.

“Not a lot changes during Ramzan, sure the timing is a lot different but you do get to spend more time with your family. Especially during iftar, everyone gets together and it’s a lot of fun. I look forward to the time with family and friends. I love having a good iftari such as rohfza, fruit chaat, dai barey.

I like having fried food but in small amounts since the food does feel a lot heavier. For iftar I like to prepare certain typical food items but then we keep it light since we have dinner after a few hours so we try to not have it be so heavy. I love waiting for Eid to come then we get to dress up in outfits and it’s enjoyable to spend it with others.”

By: Sidrah Nayyer

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