The Designers multi-brand store opens its doors in Dubai

DUBAI: The Designers Multi-brand store is Pakistan’s foremost multi-designer outlet carrying some of the country’s top designers including Mehdi, Karma, Kamiar Rokni, Zainab Sajid and others. In a short span of time, The Designers Multi-brand store, located on 26th commercial street, Karachi, has gained a reputation for being the premier shopping destination for all women looking for a prêt, formal or semi formal outfit.

The Dubai store which will be opening up shortly is the first multi-designer store of its kind to launch in the UAE, and aims to be a one-stop shop for women in the Gulf region looking for top-of-the-line Pakistani designer wear. Even in Pakistan, The Designers multi-brand store has created a niche for itself due to its stellar line-up of designers and high quality of product.

“The new store will focus on Pakistani designers and we will be taking stock from here. There isn’t a proper Pakistani platform for designers in Dubai and this is part of our expansion plan to open a multi brand store solely dedicated to Pakistani designers,” said Asad Tareen, CEO of The Designers. “We are taking top name designers with us for the opening of the store, and we are very confident of this line-up.”

The Dubai outlet will open with more than 30 designers participating and showing their latest collections. The multiple designers will be showcasing their summer collection with some of the biggest names in the Pakistan fashion industry including Umar Sayeed, Rizwan Beyg, Karma, Ayesha Hashwani, Kamiar Rokni, Sonya Batla, Mehdi, Aeisha Versey, Mina Hassan, Sadaf Malaterre, Nomi Ansari, Wardha Saleem, Mohsin Ali, Body Focus Museum, Zainab Sajid and many more.

One of the most influential names in the Pakistan Fashion industry will be showcasing his range of prêt wear in Dubai at The Designers multibrand store. Umar Sayeed’s stunning creations will amongst the 30 plus designer collections exhibited at this multi-designer store. “Asad Tareen is a good business man and so many Pakistan designers will be going there to step foot inside the Dubai market and to develop our brands. Dubai is going to be an excellent choice for us to showcase our designs,” said the designer who is widely considered to be the king of couture.

Another renowned designer who will be stocking at The Designers is Rizwan Beyg who will be showcasing a prêt line based on an elegant silhouette and stunning patterns. The collection is based on modernizing the traditional shalwar kameez. “This will be my first time working with The Designers, which is the first Pakistani multi brand store opening internationally. The concept of multi-brand stores has become a global phenomenon with people yearning for multiple designers under one roof, and its working really well for the prêt market,” said Rizwan Beyg.

Given Asad Tareen’s reputation as a man who understands fashion retail, multiple designers jumped on board when The Designers multibrand store was announced for Dubai. Amongst the fashion giants was Karma, a name synonymous with high end and luxury prêt since 2001.

Maheen Kardar of Karma was super excited to be part of the fashion designers launching at The Designers, multibrand store. When asked about her opinion of Pakistan’s first multibrand store launching in the UAE, she said:”Asad Tareen is not only an old friend but also family to my self and Karma. We are super excited to be a part of this and wish him and The Designers the very best. Watch out Dubai!.”

Another of the designers Dubai is eagerly watching out for is Kamiar Rokni whose client base is spread out all over the world. This young designer has won accolades both locally and internationally, and the designer has received huge acclaim for his prêt and luxury prêt wear “It’s great to be a part of The Designers family, representing the best of Pakistani fashion in Dubai,” said Kamiar Rokni, who is stocking with The Designers multibrand store both in Karachi and Dubai.
Another sensation in the fashion industry, Mohsin Ali has been creating waves with his cutting-edge designs and trendy patterns. His latest journey takes him to Dubai with the Designers multi brand store where he will be showcasing his latest formal line embellished with sequins and embroideries. “It has been a fantastic experience working with The Designers. Asad Tareen treats you like a family member. Working with him has been really great. He really listens to what your views are, and I’m sure The Designers will be as much of a success in Dubai as it is in Pakistan,” he said.

A newcomer with an eye for luxury prêt, Nida Ali has recently launched her Love Metal collection after the huge success of her Rang Barsay prêt wear line. Her clothes are known for their elegance and cutting edge aesthetics:“I’m very excited and definitely looking forward to the launch and I’m sure we will do great in Dubai just like in Karachi. I wish Asad and Fouzia huge success.” Nida Ali.
With all the good wishes accompanying The Designers multibrand store in Dubai, it’s easy to say that this store will in all probability be as big a success in Dubai as it is in Pakistan.

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