Trendy and Fashionable Pret Wear by Aisha Alam

KARACHI  April 3, 2012: Aisha Alam, an upcoming fashion designer from Karachi, has recently taken the fashion world by storm with her vibrant colored shirts, solid patterns and minimalist design sensibility. Aisha Alam’s summer wear is inspired from an eagerness to develop trendy and fashionable prêt wear at reasonable prices.

“I design for the modern woman,” says the young designer, who began her career at Gul Ahmed. “I believe in minimal but effective designs, which are easy to carry and create an impression.”

Aisha Alam stocks her collection at Brands Just Pret, one of the city’s newest and most exciting multi brand stores. Her collection sells like hot cakes, mainly because Aisha Alam prices her clothes extremely reasonably and believes in winning loyalties over making profits.

“I want people to get used to my clothes and I want Aisha Alam to become a habit in their lives,” says Aisha Alam, who looks forward to the day when her brand becomes a household name.

Besides Karachi, Aisha Alam also stocks at Concepteur’s Lounge in Peshawar

Some of Aisha Alam’s most popular designs are her sailor-cut shirt and her cowl neck kurta, both of which are perfect for day wear. A trend which runs through Aisha Alam’s collection is color-blocking, which simply means putting together fabrics in complimenting and contrasting colors to create a striking look.

“Color blocking is really fun and exciting,” says Aisha Alam. “It’s a great way to mix and match colors and create gradients and shades.”

Aisha Alam regularly holds exhibitions at her residence and at Brands Just Pret, and plans to expand to other cities in Pakistan.

Company/organisation info:

Aisha Alam is a Karachi-based designer who is renowned for producing minimal clothes based on a modern design philosophy and a feminine silhouette. Aisha Alam began her career as a textile designer at Gul Ahmed Textile Mills and worked on various fabric and lawn prints at the renowned mill. She currently stocks at Brands Just Pret in Karachi and Concepteur’s Lounge in Peshawar, and her work has won accolades for her attention to detail and use of a vibrant and bold colour palette. Aisha Alam’s clothes are reasonably priced, modern and highly fashionable.

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