Nail Color Trends 2012

It’s an open secret that hands and especially nails can tell a lot about a woman. The hands and feet are the first thing a stranger will notice about a woman, which is precisely why one needs to make sure that one’s finger nails and toe nails are not just perfectly groomed but also painted in the new trendy colors for Spring 2012.

Oranges, red and all that’s in-between:

Orangey red as well as classic scarlet nail polish colors can already be marked as eternal nail polish trends suitable for almost every occasion. Orange, red and yellow made a huge splash in 2011 and these colors are staying hot even in Spring, 2012. Color Studio Professional offers a variety of nail colors in these shades such as:

  1. Kamikaze: This Japanese-inspired bright orange nail color is the perfect choice to set off a red outfit or to add some oomph to a day time look.
  2. Mojito: This stunning apple green nail color is not for the faint-hearted. A traffic-stopping yellow, this color is perfect for teenagers who want to set trends instead of following them.

Tip: Red nail colors look best on short nails.

Brights are back with a vengeance:

Brights can be worn in red, pink, green, fuchsia, and orange. The bright nails can be matched to the lipstick or clothes and become an eye catchy accent in a neutral-based look. Two of Color Studio Professional’s new nail colors are just perfect if you want to go bright all the way:

  1. Bombshell. This bright red nail color is meant for those who want every eye in the room to be drawn to their nails.
  2. SunKissed: Put on three coats of this beautiful yellow color, add a touch of gloss and do up your eyes with Rimmel London’s Scandal eyes mascara and you are all set to go.

It used to be for night, but it works for the day

Rara, is that mysterious color that you thought was only for night-time but it’s actually being seen during the day. At fashion weeks and on the streets of New York, the trend this spring is to go a little darker, a little deeper, a little more mysterious and a little more dramatic during the day. Color Studio Professional’s Rara is for all those who want to stand out this spring.

Crackle the difference

It’s all about dressing up your nails: on the runways, the spring looks ranged from adorned nails to embellished nails to stripes and dots. If you don’t want to spend hours and hours sitting at a nail art salon, the crackle nail color from Color Studio will do up your nails in one go. A single coat takes your nails from chic to uber-chic!

The health-conscious nail color:

Color Studio Professional nail colors are different from all the rest because they are toluene, formaldehyde and DBP free which means they are healthier to use for women.

Normal nail colors have these toxic ingredients but Color Studio Professional cares for the health of our customers due to which our colors are made without the big 3 nasty ingredients called Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP.

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