Get The Right Colour of Tights and Stockings

Welcome winters with a colourful addition to your wardrobe. You would have been sick of years old grey and black winter clothing, just make the winters more exciting this time.  Don’t forget to choose colourful stockings and tights.

Now the question is how we decide on the colour of the stockings or tights. The choice of colour should depend on the outfit you want to wear with the stockings or tights as well as on the occasion you want to wear them on.

Subtle colours can be worn with evening and high fashion formal dresses where as for casual and day wear we can go for bright colours. Since winter mornings are generally gloomy bright coloured stockings and tights will help us add some colours to the outfit and the winter mornings.Apart from the set rules of choosing the stockings or tights, it is the unique fashion statement of every individual that helps her make decisions for choosing some fashion pieces.  Try and buy the colours that go with most of the outfits you have already so that the tights buying is a best buy for the season. It will keep you warm and make the winter outfits trendier.

It is also important that you make sure that the colour of the tights you choose is also according to your skin tone.  The colour of the tights or stockings has to be perfect for the season so don’t forget to see what the popular colours are for the season. If the colour is popular for the season then the choice of that colour would be a safe option.

Remember for a same outfit there can be different colours of tights or stocking because if the dress is worn in the evenings different colours can be worn with them, it is said that brighter colours can be worn in evenings but in my point of view it’s better to keep the decency alive while you dress up for formal occasion that are in the evening or in the afternoon. For casual use you can go for floral print and other colourful tights.

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