The funkiness of hair bands!

Fashion is extremely important for girls in their teens as it is an extremely important way of expressing one’s own self. Along with being in sync with the times, following the fashion also enables young girls to be in touch with their friends.  The new fashion that has taken the hair industry by a whirl is that of head bands. Cool and funky hair bands are available in an array of designs, embellishments and motifs that make a girl stand apart from the rest of the crowd and add an extra zing to her personality.

Hair trends 2011 saw a flourishing rise in the return of the Alice headbands or most commonly known as the Blair headbands which are inspired by the character of Blaire Woldorff on the hit American TV series Gossip Girl where Blaire is seen to be adorning an array of headbands and deemed as the queen bee.

This is the latest hair trend which has gripped the younger generation and is making a sweeping rise amongst young girls. They have made a sweeping comeback and were once famous n the times of retro fashion. From keeping your hair out of your eyes to making a bold fashion statement, head band is the new rage this season and is definitely a keeper in the latest hair trends.

Headbands are available in an array of shapes, sizes and designs. From skinny plastic headband to double stranded skinny headband to beaded headbands to stretch headbands to bejeweled headbands to feathered headbands to satin bow headbands; you name it, it’s available in the market. Hair band fashion is so famous these days that they are found almost everywhere. Each outfit can be matched with a head band.

Therefore, headbands are a steal for every young girl out there as it is a must have hair accessory for this season.

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