Traditional ideas for Mehandi Function

traditional-mehndi-ceremony-ideasIn Pakistani weddings, Mehandi is the function that nobody wants to miss. In three days of wedding, Mehandi stands as the actual day of celebration. It is also the most traditional function in the whole celebration. At one hand, Mehandi function instantly reminds us of sundry bright colors, music, dance performances, dholak and folk songs. Secondly its significance as a tradition can not be ignored. It is a ritual in Asian weddings to bless the bride and groom with a very blissful, gratifying and prosperous beginning of the most beautiful companionship in the world. The color of Mehandi and charisma of ubtan enhances the radiance of the new couple.The Mehandi function, nowadays also serve as a competition between the brides’s and groom’s family. It actually increases the charm of the function and makes it more interesting. Dances and songs are definitely one of the many ways of making your function more charming. It has become an increasingly popular trend to perform dances on Mehandi function. Performing dandiya or bhangra or any other traditional performance can actually help you to sustain its traditional significance.

Another way to make your Mehandi function more interesting and beautiful is to decide a theme for your function. It is definitely not possible to make everyone follow the theme hence what you can do is decide something which can be followed easily. You may decide a color, or any particular dress which can be worn by young and old easily, or any accessory such as tikka/bindiya will also appear beautiful. Close sisters, cousins or friends of the bride or the groom can also have a braid adorned with flower which will make them stand out in the function.

The more traditional your Mehandi function will be, the more charming and fascinating it will be. Hence, instead of adopting any foreign influence you may adorn your own cultural values creatively. Design your Mehandi plates in a unique way, with flowers or ribbons. Yellow, orange, green look too prosaic now, go for some unique combination of bright colors as light color do not suit on Mehandi function. Using pitchers of large size for decoration and of small size to put different items in it such as Mehandi, oil, ubtan or sweets will also give your Mehandi function a very traditional look. You may opt for something different instead of traditional sweets such as any kind of light sweets. Chocolate can also be an option or you may want to try something modern such as cookies etc.

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