Tattoos – The New Rage

Tattoo trend is one craze that has evolved over time, and where once it was only associated with hippies and rock stars, is now rapidly creating stirs among people of all life and are being adopted by anyone who would like to visually present a part of their personality previously unknown to all.

The fashion of tattoos in Pakistan has taken its time to evolve. People had slight hinges about this trend because of the religious implications that it insinuated but over time, people have recovered from this dogma and are rapidly accepting the tattoo trend in Pakistan. From the Overload diva, Meesha Shafi to the Lollywood glam-doll, Reema Khan; all the big stars of the industry are seen to be supporting temporary tattoos and that is what has made it such a rage among the common people as well.

Temporary tattoos look just like real tattoos and are extremely fun and frolic to experiment with. They are easily removable, and can be applied without any hassle too. What more, they are available in an array of designs and textures. From celebrity tattoos, to flags of nations, to butterfly, Celtic, Chinese, clubbing, creature, dragon, fairy, football, hearts, sun, flowers, zodiac or tribal tattoos; a wide range are available in the market to choose from.

Tattoos are an effective way of speaking volumes for one’s personality and reveal all that is otherwise concealed. Most significantly, tattoos help in voicing out or displaying the wild part of the personality which is often neglected ignored. Therefore, whether it only is a temporary one, tattoos trend is the new rage that has gripped many people and is progressing day by day.

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