Chand Raat Celebrations

Chand Raat CelebrationsAfter a month of fasting everyone is keenly waiting for the celebration of the revival of spirituality. Every one of us has special plans for Eid celebrations.  After spending the entire month dedicated to the religious activities Eid brings us many reasons to celebrate our success of the month of fasting. Kids have the pleasant feeling of receiving eidi from their elders.

Girls have a reason to dress up and celebrate Eid with the traditional and cultural customary bangles and traditional dresses.

Ladies have more reasons to celebrate, day before Eid when the Eid chand is spotted the girls have special plans to get their hands dyed with the beautiful patterns and colours of heena. Heena and bangles are the kit for the special event of Eid. Chand raat celebrations are a must before Eid. Each girl has a plan for chand raat, all the ladies of the family gather up for the activity of heena and for buying bangles. The city lights and the smiles on faces brightens up the chand raat for the girls, smiling girls bring far more pleasure to the men of the family. They enjoy the chand raat celebrations by greeting their relatives and loved ones. The message of unity that chand raat brings is the thing that brings all the community together.

The colours of chand raat celebration festivity bring the hearts of each one of us at peace. During these days of dreadful situation in the country the entire Muslim community gathers up all around the world to make the most out of the celebrations on the chaand raat. The chaand raat celebrations are the most awaited family event and every family member is in a new spirit of celebrating this event.

During chaand raat the taste buds are spoiled with the most amazing food after the entire month of fasting. The ladies enjoy the festivity by making the men help them do all the tasks because they have their hands dyed in Heena. Chaand raat celebrations here in Lahore, Pakistan are miraculously amazing, no one gets bored, the light of the silvery moon brings the ambience of celebration.

In countries which are mainly Muslim, the shops are brightly decorated and last minute shopping or just browsing amongst the stores fills the street with happy people all intent on enjoying the holiday ambience. As this evening evolves, women and girls help to prepare the desserts ready for the following day and enjoy the evening getting them ready for the next day: preparing and applying heena to their hands and feet and making sure their new clothes are all ready for the following day.

The Eid celebrations are nothing in front of the previous eve’s celebrations. The pre Eid celebrations on the chaand raat are better because Eid day is mostly spent meeting the relatives and greeting people happy Eid. Chaan raat celebrations are pre Eid preparations marking the end of the holy month and the start of a new beginning, the practices we learn during the month are continued with the happiness of Eid and chaand raat celebrations.

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