How to welcome Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of blessings, of piety and of enlightenment. In this holy month, Muslims all over the world strive hard to instruct good and abstain from evil, so that they can cherish its blessings all year round. Ramadan holds a lot of importance for Muslims because this month gives them an added likelihood of being closer to their creator; Allah.

Specifically staying away from evils such as lying, greed, slander, false oath etc because it will break their fast is what the month of Ramadan is all about; that and praying to Allah ardently and also abstaining from daily comforts of life such as eating and drinking. The importance of Ramadan is undeniable because it unites the Muslims all over the world and amalgamates them as one nation.

As much as Ramadan is the month of holiness and devoutness, it is also the month of preventing yourself from all worldly desires which set us at an animal level, namely eating and drinking.

Preventing yourself from eating and drinking not only teaches you self control and self-purification but also instills patience and unselfishness in you. One should remember not to overeat. They should consume plenteous nutrition and water to avoid any sort of illness. Fast-observers should focus upon the consumption of an array of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables and fruits. Moreover, they should avoid intake of spicy and source-rich food, as well as caffeine.  Furthermore, 6-7 glasses of water per day are necessary to prevent dehydration. Therefore, Ramadan food has to be neutral, healthy and nourishing to keep your energy level high during the fast.

Ramadan in Pakistan is a flabbergasting event observed with a lot of zeal, zest and vigor. Masjids are seen to be filled with people offering prayers five times a day along with the Taraweeh and also the Tahajad. Moreover, people distribute alms and Zakat rigorously and do small acts of kindness, such as pay for a poor man’s medicine or giving a portion of their iftari to an impoverished man, which are undemanding in nature but make a significant change in the receiver’s life.

Therefore, one should enumerate as many blessings as one can in this holy and sacred month and collect countless bounties and rewards for their selves as well as the Muslim Ummah. But one should not forget that as much as Ramadan is a month of forgiveness, rehmat and generosity; Islam should not only be restricted to Ramadan only.

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