Veet Celebration of Beauty 2011

Veet Celebration of Beauty 2011Veet Celebration of Beauty (VCB) is synonymous to Feminity and Confidence. Over the years, Personal Care brands like Veet have taken initiative to promote the local fashion industry and encourage fresh talent. From designers to models and stylists, the fashion industry though still at an infant stage has experienced mega development in recent years at the hands of Veet that projects through its Veet Celebration of Beauty a reflection of the brand itself. Emitting a sense of Feminity and Beauty to the modern day confident female, Veet has taken considerable initiative to establish itself in the local fashion setup through Veet Celebration of Beauty, giving immense equity to the brand.


Incepting in 2006, Veet Celebration of Beauty has created a legacy in the local Style and Fashion genre, experiencing growth over the years. With more and more people being involved in Veet Celebration of Beauty, over the years, this initiative to create the brand’s association with fashion has resulted in VCB being a brand itself. Held at the Pearl Continental Karachi on 26th May 2011, Veet Celebration of Beauty 2011 was a starry night adorned with glamorous celebrities and astounding music.

From celebrities like Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar and Sanam Agha to designers like Deepak Perwani, Umar Sayeed, Feeha Jamshed and YBQ the night was full of stars. While, models like Humaima and Sunita’s presence made the event much more alluring.

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One cannot forget to mention the sassy Mathira who was spotted amongst the audience. Pink carpet host Aamina Sheikh greeted guests with her own versatility and added to the grandeur of the event. The show kicked off with the 10 contestants of the Veet Miss Super Model contest wearing Rizwanullah’s creations followed by ultra feminine ensembles displayed by the great Shamaeel Ansari. Sanam Chadhri with her “flirty” collection called Citron that projected strong colors and powerful silhouettes for the modern woman. 3rd in line, Shehla Chatoor brought something new to the table with her collection called “Birds of Paradise”. The collection was inspired by nature and exhibited a strong sense of the designer’s personality. The highlight of the show was as always the musical performance and in this year’s case a visual treat too. Ali Zafar performed many of his dewy number’s on the ramp wearing Ali Xeeshan’s creation.

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Models wearing Ali Xeeshan’s Crimson collection that projected sensuality and charisma swept through the ramp while Ali Zafar chirped his “Jhoom Jhoom”. International designer Rasmi Sehar Ahmed with her brand C’est Moi gave the show a fresh feel with her exotic prêt-a-couture designs. From mini dresses to flowy kaftans, C’est Moi was a change of tatse. Fahad Hussayn the last designer of the show did not fail to impress. His collection depicted eastern grandeur with a strong projection of our culture and roots. The show came to an exciting event, with the winner for the Veet Miss Super Model Contest being announced. Sana Khan as Veet Miss Super Model, Urooj as Miss Catwalk and Saima Azhar as Miss Photogenic; Veet Miss Super Model 2011 proved to be a leap forward for the fashion industry with talent being pumped into the industry. Veet Celebration of Beauty through its continuous endeavors has managed to establish a name for itself in the fashion industry. With a grander event this year, Veet Celebration of Beauty has set high expectations for next year.

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