Eid shopping at Lahore!

Eid shopping is the main and necessary element of eid celebrations. As the holy month of Ramadan is going to be end, the eid shopping at every corner of the country is on full swing. The women, young girls and kids are busy in their eid shopping with zeal and zest.

Body: The holy month of Ramadan is almost going to its end. The gift of the fasting and Ibadaats results in the form of “Eid.ul.Fitr”. “Eid.ul.Fitr” or “Methi Eid” is the gift from the ALLAH PAK for the muslims all over the world. It is the worldwide jubilant festival of Muslim Ummah and they celebrated this with great zeal and zest.

Shopping of eid is the main and necessary element of eid celebration. Almost at every corner of the world people especially women, young girls and kids seems enthusiastic and happy towards their eid shopping.

Pakistani nation also celebrates Eid.ul.Fitr with full joy and with its true spirit and the eid shopping is the main thing of this spirit and joy. Women, young girls and kids start their eid shopping form the second Ashra of Ramadan. As they have to buy so many things for their eid celebrations and their eid shopping continue till the chaand raat arrives.
The metropolitan cities of Pakistan are decorated for the special eid gala and for eid shopping.

The jubilant mood of young girls, women and kids are on full swing and gearing up their eid shopping.. the women craze for shopping is worth seeing as the rush at shopping plazas and other markets reflects their inner thirst for shopping.
If we talk about the eid shopping at Lahore city, then we come to know that almost all the main markets, shopping arenas, malls and small town based markets and shops start their preparation and decoration for eid shopping. Colorful eid stalls established at various points in the Lahore city are offering different kinds of Heena, embroided clothes, jewellery, handbags, shoes and colorful dresses.

The shop keepers have started to furnish their shops importing different unique essentials for the eid shopping. The street holders or street based stalls strated to present a festive look with the eid related accessories like bangles, earings, cosmetics and so many other things. All this combined the jubilation among the young girls, women and teenagers, as they are thronging to different eid shopping points in Lahore city like Main Market, Liberty Market, Anarkali, Pace, Orega Shopping Mall, The Mall of Lahore, Icchar Market, Link Road etc. they are shopping with full joy and enthusiasm despite the unprecedented price hike. The rates are very high in posh markets at Cavalry Ground, Defence and Liberty but the rates are comparatively lower in Ichhra, Anarkali and the Mall. The cheapest dresses and shoes are available in smaller markets that include Dharampura, Garhi Shahu and Sanda. The cheaper markets are attracting more customers than the markets in posh localities. More than half the visitors in the posh markets go for window-shopping only while those that visit the cheaper markets mostly go with intent to buy something.

Eid shopping as matter of fact is considered to be big shopping feasta of Muslims but due to the present devastating floods in Pakistan dims its spirit and true colors. Through this special eid shopping in Lahore city article, the Fashion Central giving its special eid message to its readers that “also remember  the flood victims while your eid shopping as they are in need now and faces a very crucial time so contribute as much as u all can to make their eid happy and joyful”.

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