Ramadan’s Blessings

“I am resigned to the will of Allah Almighty, seems to be just a minor phrase but this little phrase is the crux of Holy month of Ramadan.

The falling leaves of autumn, the voiceless pearls in depth of sea, the ivy, the far horizon and falling stars all endorse the validity of this phrase. Since time immemorial this phrase has become the natural essence of human existence, though many are not aware of it.

Ramadan, month of blessings and purity, is spreading its true colors in the whole world.  About one billion Muslims around the world pay salutation to the Holy month of Ramadan. It is a holy month of spiritual purification achieved through fasting, prayers and devoting our will to the will of Allah Almighty. Fasting in Ramadan that is one of the five pillars of Islam is observed each day from sunrise to sunset.

Ramadan is a sacred month when Allah bestows his utmost blessings on his followers. It depicts the culture of Muslim society and its life as well. Ramadan has always been a special source of bringing reformation and tolerance in the society. During Ramadan, which is a holy month of self-restraint, Muslims abstain themselves from indulging in bad things and maintain mental as well as physical purity. It teaches us in an edifying manner how to bequeath our will to the will of God. That is why Ramadan is a month of worship, absolution and benevolence for all believers.

It basically involves devotion of Muslims towards their maker without giving much concern to other activities. From dawn till sunset Muslims spend their time in prayers for the happiness of their God.

During Ramadan Pray as much as you can because He waits for his people to plead before Him. Prostrate before Him who made this whole universe and want to bestow His blessings on His believers. Use the magic orb of prayer to take a plunge into the realm of God, where your will and will of God will be united as one. And there lies that higher state of self satisfaction.

May Allah forgive our sins and accept our all Ibadat and prayers.

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