How to apply make-up to give a slimming effect

The right style of make-up can make your face look slimmer and more elegant whereas the visa versa is possible when you don’t have the know how of applying make-up to your face.

All the people in Pakistan are not blessed with similar facial features, physical structure or even mental makeup. People in Pakistan tend to differ from one another in more than one ways. For instance, take the case of facial outline. Some people in Pakistan tend to have a long face, while others have round shape. Then, there are people in Pakistan with pronounced cheekbones, while there are some who have almost round cheeks. There are easy ways to create a slimmer look depending on the form of your face.
Don’t worry about your double chin; you’ll be fine if you get back into the swing of things and a bit of right make-up can go a long way in Pakistan. the right make-up technique can make you look elegant and stylish.

Here are a few makeup tips on how to slim your face:

  • Focus on your eyes with a nice shadow-liner-mascara combination that draws notice to your personality.
  • When you get ready for blush, there are certain things you should know to get that slimming result you’re looking for. Decide your blush according to your skin tone– rosy and warm or peachy tones.
  • Apply your darkest color right below your cheekbone using a correct blush brush. Nothing too big likes a loose powder brush or you’ll have problem. Softly glide your brush upwards going into the hairline but not too high. To form the slimming illusion, follow with a lighter blush tone slightly over darker tone area.
  • Blend, blend and blend the powder, always. The key with this trick is to make dimension, but you do not want a very obvious separation between your natural cheek color and the blush (i.e. think racer stripes!).
  • Sweep a small amount of the lighter shade across your nose and/or forehead as desired to add an extra “glow” to your skin tone.
  • Conclude your look with a nice fresh lip gloss or lipstick to go with the colors you’ve chosen.
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