10 ways to save money when buying clothes

it can be very easy to save money once you know how to and when you have your credit cards safely hidden away. While shopping you should never loose yourself as that can lead to over purchasing.

  1. Ask and you might be given. It won’t always work, but every now and then all you have to do is ask nicely for a discount to get one in Pakistan. As they’re ringing you up, ask if it’s possible to get a discount on your purchase and save money.
  2. Look after of your clothes to save money. Dry-clean when the tag says to dry-clean, hand-wash nice lingerie, and don’t let your floor double as a cabinet. Your favorite items will last a lot longer if you take care of them, and you won’t have to replace them often.
  3. After an item lingers in stores in Pakistan a month or more, retailers start dropping its price to get it out the door, grab the item.
  4. There’s no worse feeling than finding out that your latest overindulgence went on sale days after you bought it. Before you hand over your credit card on a big purchase and to save money, ask if the object of your fashion envy is going on sale soon in Pakistan.
  5. Take advantage of buy-one-get-one-half-off sales and similar discounts — not by buying all that you can, but by clueing in your fashion-forward friends in Pakistan. If you’re both craving a new pair of winter boots, hit the sales together and take advantage of the special deals it will help save money.
  6. Befriend the salesgirl at your favorite shopping hot spots in Pakistan. Make an effort to say hello to her when you’re shopping, ask for her opinion on something you’re trying on, and make sure you jump on her line when she’s at the register. Be a familiar and friendly face, and she might give you a heads-up on sales or ring up a discount code for you.
  7. In Pakistan hit the stores on a weekday to make sure you get a good selection. Thursdays are ideal — you’ll likely be able to take benefit of weekend sales while still having a big selection to choose from. If you go later in the weekend, your favorite stores in Pakistan are more likely to be empty.
  8. In Pakistan get the best deals by stocking up on seasonal clothing right as the season is finishing. Scour sale racks for short sleeves in November and sweaters in April.
  9. In Pakistan we all have that one store that spoils our shopping judgment. Force yourself to stick to your budget and prevent spontaneous shopping sprees.
  10. Thrift shops can be just as pricey as expensive boutiques, if not more so. But your friends’ wardrobe can be free. Manage a clothing swap with your chicest pals in Pakistan. If your clothes and shoes don’t fit swap accessories — new scarves, headbands, bags, and costume jewelry are great ways to refresh your style.
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