Mehndi Mood

Mehndi being a part of our rich tradition has its own important and touchy place. Mehndi has been the part of our culture form centuries, but with the passage of time, the ways to use it has changed.

In today’s era, now there are plenty of ways of its utilization, also the new trends and styles of Mehndi give it a fresh boost.  Particularly in Asian countries and in Middle-east, Mehndi is most popular and every region of Asia has its own conventional styles of Mehndi. In our country Pakistan as well, no customary function and occasion, like Wedding, Eid etc, is ever complete without Mehndi.  No matter which part of the country it is but every bride on her wedding day and almost every girl on others marriages and Eid festivals must decorate her hands with the beautiful Mehndi designs. The true colors of Mehndi more purify our culture and enhance the beauty and happiness of the occasion or function.

Mehndi which is actually a dye produced from a tree Lawsonia inermis. The leaves of the tree, when obtained dried and then mixed with boiling water, and then it marks the skin with the lovely hena color.

There are many different types of Mehndi designs,popular in Asia (and in Pakistan too), from all over the world; like Arabic designs, Magalia Styles, baby designs, Indian designs, etc and our very own Pakistani rounded Mehndi design. There are a number of other examples related to Mehndi designs like, the peacock style, which is the national bird if India, an elephant with a raised trunk, which is a symbol of good luck, and the lotus flower. Now at international level its gaining fame because of its use, other than on hands, arms and feet, it can be apply on bellies and on back as well. The beats, Mehndi with colorful tattoo, glitters and other such accessories are in use now-a-days on the Mehndi designs; now the simple colored Mehndi is out of Fashion and Mehndi designs with the glitters touch, in particular, is like & preferable.

So ladies choose your preferred design of Mehndi on this Eid and enjoy the Eid to its fullest.

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