Mall of Lahore

Fashion Code is all defined by the clothes, accessories and most importantly the BRANDS we wear. It starts from our own self expression followed by a self defined bold statement on individuality and self evolution.  The people we meet judge us first by the branded outlook we carry. Looking cool and brand conscious is part of being alive these days.  Nothing says super-fly, like wearing top-tier branded quality clothes, all of which you can find in the newly opened Mall of Lahore, led by Mall Manager Ulf Anderson who envisioned it as a shopping cum entertainment centre of Lahore. So, visit MOL, and let your fashion code do the talking from today!

And we have our latest research findings to help you decide on how you want to look and feel like. We got down to probing students why they think big shopping malls are better than retail stores and rightly so, majority said they find everything under one roof. Imagine what a heaven Mall of Lahore will be for those brand conscious youth segment! After all, at the branded stores of the Mall of Lahore, you have everything within reach under one roof, from branded shoes and latest designer apparel to the signature jewelry, we bet you can’t find elsewhere.  Not only do they look better, they help you stand out in your sitting, standing or walking. It’s not just shopping but a complete lifestyle experience.

In the survey, we asked teenage students as to what they thought about all those branded shops.  The top three answers were RELIABILITY, QUALITY and EXCLUSIVITY, which in fact shouldn’t be of any surprise. This is exactly what the high end brands at Mall of Lahore promise you.

The students were also asked about their choice spending as to how they would like to spend their money if they had unlimited supply of it. It’s clear that most young people would choose to spend on general shopping for themselves.  And if you can afford to pamper yourself by flaunting your style and individuality, what’s stopping you?

If you are one of those young urbanites craving for the best and latest look in town, do stop by the Mall of Lahore.  From Nike, to Next to Khaadis, look up and feel all the best top brands on yourself and take your pick!

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