Let’s have a Breakfast

It’s very true that a good beginning can make your whole day good.

Mostly people feel lazy to go for breakfast, especially early in the morning. Some people easily skip there breakfast and some mostly prefer different small things to take, like only a fruit, a cup of tea etc.

Let us ring a bell to you that these small things can’t be the good alternative of your breakfast. Especially taking a cup of tea before anything else in the morning is not good for your health. The caffeine present in the tea disturbs your sugar level to much extent. It simply reduces your need to eat something more.

Start your day with a glass of bit hot water by adding honey and few drops of lemon in it. It works like an antioxidant and improves the functions of liver & stomach. It also helps to reduce the extra body fats.

Skipping breakfast is not at all a good idea; you should take a proper, healthy and nutritious breakfast. The word ‘Breakfast’ itself tells its meaning, ‘to break the fast’. You stay on fast from the whole night and on the next day your body requires something energetic to regain its energy level. So do not ever thing to leave the breakfast by killing your natural body requirement.

You can have so many healthy food items in your breakfast, like corn or wheat flakes, porridge, egg, brown bread, butter, yogurt, cheese with milk, fresh fruit juices etc. Particularly in drinks, milk & fresh fruit juices can be the best replacement of caffeine containing drinks. It’s better to take some sort of dairy product like milk, yogurt, butter, cheese etc for improving your immune system and metabolism rate.

Other then all these nutritious eatables you can also have dry fruits and vegetables as well in any form on your dining table. Dry fruits are a big source of almost all type of nutrition. Especially for the children of growing age, it is excellent. You can add dry fruits in milk & porridge with honey and prepare a tasty and healthy dish. This easily digestible dish is easy to make as well.

There are lots of ways of introducing vegetables to your dinning table as breakfast. It’s not a rule to take salad only at lunch and dinner; you can also eat salad in the morning time. Slightly bake the vegetables in oven or non-stick frying pan with butter, salt, black pepper, and few drops of lemon and enjoy.

Other then vegetable salad, you can also take pleasure with mix fruit salad by adding the rich & yummy milk cream.

Make it a habit to take an energy boaster breakfast. So that you can have a good energy level in order to start an active new day.

Besides all these tips of a healthy and happy morning health experts also advised to do exercise early in the morning.

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