Women Style Tips: How to Look Gorgeous If You Are Plus Sized

1. Always shop at the high-end stores and boutiques if you covet that wow factor. This might make you pay a little extra for the clothes but the thing is that it will be worth your while. It is a fact that you need more fabric and fine one at that, cut according to your size. Finding plus size clothing can be a bit hard work at regular stores which is why you need to check on the experts.

2. Please, please, please kiss goodbye to gaudy and loud dresses. They make you look fat and that’s the last thing you want, trust me. You need to give up on leopard prints as they draw more attention to your body. Instead go for neutral colors and simple lines plus size clothing. The colors that are made for you include tans, blacks, browns and navy blues.

3. If you have not noticed already then let me tell you that baggy clothes are a big no for plus size women. Baggy clothes make you look like a potato sack which is not good, in fact it is as bad as wearing super tight clothes. Find clothes that fit well on your body, give you room to move freely. Go for clothes that are neither loose nor too fitted.

4. With a heavy bosom, you would want to go for an empire waist dress or sleek top that does not accentuate your bust. Choose belts and cummerbund if you are voluptuous. With heavier hips, you should go for clothing that is a bit tight around the waist but flows freely over your bottom. The key is to accentuate your assets which will automatically hide your flaws.

5. The last tip is to stick with what suits you. For this you will have to rely on a friend or a sibling who will let you know what looks good on you. If you find that lucky design, style and size, you need to remain loyal to that. Buy a couple more dresses in the same style so that you will have a choice.

So what if you are plus sized, the fact is that we all want to look good. It's just that plus sized women, such as myself, have to struggle a bit more to look good as compared to petite women.

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