What To Wear After The Baby

Giving birth to a baby is the most difficult task of this world. After getting over with the whole pregnancy tenure and delivery, one is hardly her usual size and shape. While the pregnancy period is full of big outfits, the postpartum period is a fashion nightmare in itself. After delivering the baby, you will experience quite a confusing situation while choosing your dresses, as the maternity dresses are too big for you and you are also not fit enough to pull your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Though, getting back on shape is a big question in itself, as the speed of the process is different for every woman. No matter where you stand right now, you will surely be in need of clothes that make you look good and stylish after the baby. Following are some of the clothes ideas that can surely be chic solutions for you in this transitional phase of getting back in shape.

1. Flowing Maxi dresses

Thanks to the fashion right now. The Maxi dresses and flowing dresses are one of the must-haves in postpartum clothes and the best thing is that it is complimenting well with the latest fashion trends. Try to pull out long, empire-waist maxi dresses that are not only comfortable, but are also flattering and stylish. If you are going out with your baby, try to pair up your maxi dresses with chic flats. While picking up the clothes after baby, try to choose darker shades and due, as they will give you a slimming effect.

2. Try V-necklines

Necklines have a huge impact in giving you a sleek or fatter look. While you are making new clothes for your after baby tenure, try to have V-neck lines. The V-necks actually create the illusion of a slimmer face and a sleek shoulder line.

3. Disguise your tummy

While you are on the road of achieving your pre-pregnancy body, you should be patient as it will take time to lose baby weight, especially from the tummy area. However, you can still look chic and stylish by disguising your mummy tummy with a drop-hem or banded top that is flowing. You can also have gathers below your waist, so that your after baby dresses will look cool.

4. Black is Blessing

No matter which style of dress you are wearing and which sort of body you have, black is the universal blessing for hiding all the flaws. The basic black color is not only elegant and charming, but it is always slimming. As a matter of fact, basic black is a blessing for new moms as they can hide their extra flab under black very nicely. While wearing full black clothes, try to compliment them with some striking colored or gold jewelry.

Don't make your postpartum period a fashion nightmare for you. You can still look good and stylish after baby by adopting these wonderful clothes styles and solutions.

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